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Minor in French and Francophone Studies

From Enlightenment to Revolution, from Versailles to Human Rights to the most conscientious climate agreement in human history. No other culture has been linked to such political, technological, economic, environmental, and philosophical progress for so many centuries as French. Learning French immerses you in this legacy. But it’s also beautiful. It shines. In cooking, theatre, fashion, architecture, literature, art. Beyond. The culture that spans centuries of history and continues to grow into a necessary language in business, communication, environmental science, and diplomacy is one that will make you stand out and stand tall. Formidable!

From just across Lake Erie to crossing five continents, as an official language of the United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee, and International Courts, French can take you anywhere you want to go.

French at John Carroll University

A French class at John Carroll is more than learning the words of a language – it’s about understanding cultures, perspectives, and a history like no other. You will be taught from a proficiency-based approach to language instruction, that is, learning to be an engaged participant in this beau monde.

With a French degree from John Carroll, you will learn to:

  • Engage in effective interpersonal communication, interpretive listening and reading, presentational speaking and writing
  • Demonstrate foundational cultural and linguistic knowledge of the French-speaking world
  • Build an understanding for differing worldviews, and the dynamic interplay of personal identity and culture

French is the native language of more than 80 million people, with an additional 140 million French speaking people worldwide. The study of French is helpful for students interested in art history, film, fashion, business, culinary arts, and political science.

Program Highlights: Minor in French and Francophone Studies

Small class sizes at John Carroll lead to interactive courses and the ability to ask big questions with no intimidation. Learning a new language is hard, but with real teaching from passionate Francophones, your experience will be extraordinarily tailored to you.

Many French students complement or complete their studies in French-speaking countries, pursuing high-level courses in topics beyond language – science, technology, math, business. Study law at the Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures, (ICES) in La Roche sur Yon, France or study business in Normandy. Or, pursue a short-term service abroad, helping others while experiencing the immersion of local languages. The Rene Fabien Scholarship is available to French minors to provide financial assistance for study abroad experiences.

The world is your opportunity.  Study French at John Carroll and learn just how useful this language is for any career. Our graduates pursue careers in law, medicine, business, education and government positions. Many of them spend time overseas, either via short-term travel or by living and working abroad.

Join the JCU French Club and get involved in language-focused events and learning opportunities. Or apply for membership in the venerable Pi Delta Phi, National French Honor Society. With our guidance and advanced, practical courses like French for Business, you can gear up to take the prestigious Diplôme exam offered annually through the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris.


Brooke McQuinn, ‘19

Status: Government Affairs Analyst at The Lubrizol Corporation

“My French classes were some of my favorite courses at John Carroll. Being able to speak another language has without question been a differentiator between me and other candidates for jobs. My French skills helped me obtain my first internship at The Sherwin-Williams Company, working with their French speaking Canadian sales representatives. They were especially key in helping me to receive my first full-time position at Lubrizol, which has a large footprint in Rouen, France (ironically where I did my study abroad semester). I’m so grateful I continued to study French throughout my time at JCU.”


Language Study in a Global Economy

A recent survey of HR leaders reveals that one third face a critical shortage of foreign language skills among key employees. Consider pairing Spanish, French, Italian or German with study in International Business with Language and Culture.

JCU Northeast Map

French and Francophone Studies Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.