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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Italian Studies

A biologist fascinated by Da Vinci’s brilliant marriage of art and science. An exercise physiologist’s inquiry into the Mediterranean’s high life expectancy and health. An Italian-American’s insatiable curiosity about her ancestors’ journeys and how she may celebrate their legacy in whatever she does. Business, culture, fashion, theatre, diplomacy. Affascinante!

There is nothing quite like the rich, rounded perspective that the study of Italian brings. It’s a language that augments any field because it has influenced every field, and it continues to remain an extraordinary, relevant tool for doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, communicators, and scientists alike, guaranteed to bolster the career of anyone seeking to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Italian at John Carroll University

Italian Studies at John Carroll will lead you to a thorough understanding of the Italian language, as well as Italian culture and literature. Knowledge of Italian is fundamental if you’re seeking a career in art history, literature, music, international relations, or simply seek to bring a broader understanding of the world to any career. Italian Studies at John Carroll is designed to meet any of these goals, all with the underlying proficiency-based language curriculum that seeks to have you writing, reading, and conversing cogently.

Italian Studies provides an academic boost for those studying art, history, diplomacy, humanities, law, philosophy, political science, and religion. Italian is an excellent choice for those considering careers in business, marketing, or advertising.

The Italian Studies major is comprised of 33 credits of interdisciplinary coursework encompassing Italian language and culture, art history, philosophy, and business.

For details, please contact the department or consult the most recent Undergraduate Bulletin.

The Italian Studies minor is comprised of 15 credits of interdisciplinary coursework.

For details, please contact the department or consult the most recent Undergraduate Bulletin.

BA in Italian Studies Program Highlights

Learn from Italian professors and lecturers who have used their Italian to achieve real-world success – in business, music, philosophy. Benefit from small class sizes, and get to know your professors as mentors, dedicated to helping you grow.

JCU in Rome offers a semester-long adventure immersed in Italian language, art, culture, and history. Learn from John Carroll professors while completing 18 credit hours of Core courses. Or, join us on a variety of faculty-led spring break immersion trips.

The Italian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, so JCU’s Italian program is an excellent choice for those considering careers in business, marketing, or advertising. You can even work with faculty to design a program suited to your specific academic goals.

Majoring or double majoring in Italian Studies opens a path to an exciting career! You can study Italian both on the JCU campus and on our Rome campus!”

—Santa Casciani, PhD, Professor of Italian, Director of the Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian American Studies

Notable Alum


Linh Huynh, JCU in Rome ‘16, BSBA, IBLC '19, MBA '21

Status: Development and Marketing Analyst at Inbloom Consulting “The Italian Studies taught me the value of a global perspective. The program also granted me the opportunity to study abroad in Rome (Italy) and helped me build self-confidence, knowledge, and most importantly, a foundation to start my professional development journey.”


Language Study in a Global Economy

A recent survey of HR leaders reveals that one third face a critical shortage of foreign language skills among key employees. Consider pairing Spanish, French, Italian or German with study in International Business with Language and Culture.

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Italian Studies Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.