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The program offers both an interdisciplinary major and minor. The requirements are intentionally flexible enough and integrated with Core Curriculum requirements to allow students to focus on their areas of interest, while combining it with a chosen minor or second major. Directions for declaring a major or minor can be found here.

Students who complete the program will learn to:

Articulate a critical understanding of the impact of gender and sexuality within their own lives.

Describe how constructions of gender/sexuality have socially, historically, and globally shaped the experiences of both women and men.

Describe the importance within people’s lives of the intersections of gender and sexuality with other social hierarchies such as race, ethnicity, class, religion, and disability.

Analyze gender and sexuality using interdisciplinary and feminist theories, methodologies, and paradigms.

Identify ethical and social justice dimensions and implications within the study of gender/sexuality.

Demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills to deal positively with gender and sexuality-based inequality within their communities.