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Students who complete a major in sociology and criminology will achieve proficiency of the following student learning goals:

  1. Our students will be able to engage in critical questioning about their society, its social structure, and the larger world in which they live.

  2. Our students will develop critical sociological thinking skills in: reasoning, theoretical analysis, interpretation of research findings, and the general ability to separate fact from misinformation in order to engage the institutions and cultures of the multiple societies in this global community.

  3. Our students will be able to engage in research of various types with the goals of answering questions and disseminating findings in oral and written forms about the nature of human society and its diversity, cultures, human interactions, social structure, and issues related to social justice.

  4. Our students will develop as whole persons with their completion of a successful educational program with its implications for continued learning and a successful work life, and a commitment to lifelong civic engagement.

The department of Sociology and Criminology is continually involved in evaluating its programs to maintain high academic standards.