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Business, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Business, Industrial and Organizational Psychology concentration applies psychological theories and evaluation methods to organizations to understand human behavior in the workplace and thereby increase productivity and the well-being of employees. Specific careers can be in human resources, employee training, marketing and sales, and organizational development, and performance evaluation.

Students with a B.S. in psychology and the I/O concentration land well-paying jobs right after graduation as a human resource specialist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in workforce training and development are expected to increase 7% through 2024. A Minor in Business is recommended for I/O students. Most managerial positions require a master’s degree. 

Coordinator, Tracy Masterson, Ph.D.

The checklist details course requirements for the Business, Industrial and Organizational Psychology concentration as well as the semesters each course is offered. Students should follow the checklist according to the date they entered JCU. The degree plan will ensure students meet all Psychology major, I/O concentration and University core requirements are met for graduation. Minimum of 54 credit hours for Psychology and 120 total credit hours for graduation.

I/O students complete internships at a wide variety of sites, gaining valuable experience and references.

I/O Psychology majors should consider a Business minor.

I/O Psychology majors who have a business minor are eligible to participate in a fast-tracked version of the Boler MBA Program.