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Pursuing a law oriented academic path is both an exciting and intricate undertaking. As an undergraduate student, you have the opportunity to explore future possibilities as you ask: What type of law will I study? To which law schools will I apply? How will I use my law degree after I graduate?

The Pre-Law Advising Program is here to help you not only find answers but to also carry them out. We offer a wide range of support and resources, including:

  • Tours to local law schools
  • Help in finding internships
  • Alumni support
  • LSAT prep book rentals
  • LSAT mock exams 
  • LSAT prep seminars
  • Help with personal statements
  • Help with law school applications
  • 3+3 Dual Admission in Law Program

Our Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Stiles ( or x4311), can help personalize your pre-law experience. For those of you just getting started, Dr. Stiles can describe the law school application process, which is unique to the law discipline. Once you have a general understanding of what law schools require and prioritize, Dr. Stiles can then help you personalize a plan towards law school, including giving her advice on which extra-curricular activities or internships would best benefit you. When the time eventually comes for you to condense your undergraduate experience into a law school application, Dr. Stiles will again be available to give you feedback.

Joining John Carroll’s Pre-Law Advising Program is an easy first step towards law school, and all John Carroll students are welcome.