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Students first complete a semester of practicum, where they work with clients/students for a few hours each week. Then, students complete two more intensive semesters of internship, sometimes at the same site as their practicum.

Internship sites include:

  • hospitals
  • mental health clinics
  • grief support centers
  • child and adolescent treatment centers
  • chemical dependency sites
  • private practices
  • residential facilities
  • elementary schools
  • middle schools
  • high schools

The Department is proud to host a clinical mental health counseling internship at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, the first counseling internship at a VA hospital in the country.

We have a premier internship at the Cleveland Clinic with rotations at the outpatient psychology and psychiatry center, employee assistance program, and pain management center.

Students participate in finding a site that fits their career interests and competencies. Students are provided with an on-site supervisor, a John Carroll supervisor, as well as an instructor in the internship course. Use of video recording and live observation is encouraged.