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For New and Current Students

We are excited that you will be joining John Carroll University as you embark on your journey to becoming a counselor! As a new student, you may have many questions and we hope we can help. Please read on for some common questions and take note of where you can find more information about each topic. We hope you will consider joining us for a new Graduate Student Orientation before your first class on campus.

If you are a newly accepted student, please be sure to visit Graduate Studies’ Getting Started page. Here, you will find everything you need to know before you start classes. This information includes contacting and meeting with your advisor, how to register for classes, course schedules, how to access JCU web services, setting up an email and Banner account, billing and payment information, and more.

You’ve registered, what’s next? Please visit the Newly Admitted Students page for all on-campus related information that will better acquaint you to campus and JCU. This page includes information on parking and permits, obtaining a student ID, registering for JCU alerts, ordering books, and more!

All questions related to tuition and financial aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. They will be able to answer all questions related to tuition/fees, types of aid, and billing and payments. Please note, the Department of Counseling does not handle any matters regarding financial aid and cannot discuss student financial plans.

Graduate assistantships are designed both to serve the needs of the University and to assist students in their professional development. Selection for these positions is highly competitive. Prospective students who are applying for graduate assistantships should submit their applications by February 1.

All new assistants are required to attend a workshop for new graduate/athletic assistants at the beginning of their contract, usually during the week preceding the start of fall classes. In addition, individual departments/programs may have their own orientations.

All questions about graduate assistantships should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies.

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.

If you are new to the Cleveland area, there is much to be explored! Read about Cleveland  and the fun places to visit when you’re away from campus. Also, if you are looking to find a place to live near John Carroll’s campus, you can find some information about the nearby neighborhoods here.

Questions? Contact Us.
Prospective Students:
Colleen Sommerfeld | Assistant Dean for Graduate Admission |216.397.4902

Forms and Documents

It is essential that all new students take the time to carefully read the Department of Counseling Student Handbook. The handbook fully covers all aspects of being a student in the Department.

To access the Academic Planning Guides you must be logged into your email account.  To fill in your Academic Planning Guide do not request edit access.  Instead, make a copy to edit in Google Sheets by clicking on File > Make a Copy and rename and save it to your Google Drive. Then, you may share that file with your advisor so they can give you feedback as you move through the program.

  • To submit an Academic/Transient/Course Overload Petition – Go to Banner. Click on Enter Secure Area.  Log in to your Banner account. Click on blue Academic tab at the top. Click on the Graduate Academic Petition Form.  Complete and submit your petition request.
  • Independent Study Form: To apply for an independent study.