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Minors in Political Science

As a political science minor, you can choose to focus your studies on United States politics, foreign affairs, or general political science. You’ll sharpen your analytical abilities and expand your understanding of politics, government, and civic engagement.

What Will You Study?

There are three political science minors, but all political science students study both foundational and advanced concepts within the discipline.

With three credit hours of required courses and 15 credit hours of electives, United States Politics minors may choose courses such as Wrongful Convictions, Introduction to Policy Analysis, Civil Rights and Liberties, Social Movements, U.S. Elections, and Urban Politics.

This minor includes six credit hours of required courses (Comparative Politics and International Relations) and 12 credit hours of electives. Students may choose their elective credits from courses such as Islam and Politics, Latin American Politics, African Politics, The Politics of the European Union, The Middle East in Film and Media, Global Debt and Justice, Comparative Health Policy, and International Political Economy.

With a total of 18 required credit hours, General Political Science minors have no restrictions as to which courses they may choose, allowing them the flexibility to create their own specialization.