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The Philosophy Department is pleased to be able to offer an internship to between two and six JCU undergraduates each semester. The interns work in pairs, teaching philosophy at a local middle-school. They may work for pay ($12 per hour for 9 hours per week), or for university credit, or for both. University credit can be obtained through the JCU Career Center or through the Philosophy Department’s internship course. In either case, interns may choose to receive 1-3 credits, depending on what sort of paper they wish to write regarding their experience.

Interns need their own transportation. They meet at the middle school with 6th, 7th, or 8th grade gifted students for 2 hours per week (e.g., Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) with the remaining 7 hours for preparation and commenting on student written work.

The textbooks we use can be seen here:

No prior experience with teaching is required. Nor is a major or minor in philosophy required. If you love philosophy and you love kids, this internship may be for you!

For more information, contact Dr. Sharon Kaye at

Here are some photos from our classes at Warrensville Center Middle School Fall of 2016:

People on a break in an auditorium
Picture taken during a class at JCU