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Tim Russert Department of Communication

The Tim Russert Department of Communication prepares you to become a critical thinker and an effective communicator by exploring all areas of communication from social media, to radio, to integrated marketing, to digital media, and more. With a Russert degree, you’ll be able to create, present, evaluate, and analyze messages in a variety of media and arenas, and build a career in public relations, television, radio, film, corporate communication, social media, and beyond.

Programs of Study

The major provides opportunities to develop leadership, advocacy, critical thinking, and communication excellence in writing, speaking, and performing. While pursuing the Communication major in the Tim Russert Department of Communication, students select one of three concentrations, Communication Advocacy, Digital Media, or Integrated Marketing Communication. Every graduate of the Russert Department should be able to communicate effectively through a variety of perspectives.



Choose one of three areas of concentration within the major: Communication Advocacy, Digital Media, or Integrated Marketing Communication.

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You’ll learn about interpersonal relations, organizational communication, journalism, rhetoric, public relations, broadcasting, and the Internet, developing skills in each.

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The ability to advocate effectively and ethically is critical to society. Whether ensuring that the most vulnerable have their voices heard, challenging erroneous claims, safeguarding rights, accessing information, expressing opinions, or advancing policies, successful advocacy is essential to social justice, law, public policy, sales, and virtually any area where the ability to persuade is critical to success.

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You will have the knowledge and ability to apply communication theories to writing in the contexts of journalism, video and audio production.

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You will have the knowledge and ability to integrate multiple theories and channels ethically to increase campaign impact.

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Focusing on analytical and digital skill gaps, our 3 stackable certificates in Digital Marketing Analytics, Content Marketing, and Digital Advertising & Social Media bring the real world of marketing into the classroom. Students significantly increase their digital marketing and advertising knowledge while learning skills that can be applied immediately.

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The John Carroll University Master of Science in Digital Marketing & Communication Strategy takes an interdisciplinary approach and combines course work from communication and business to give students an integrated grasp of marketing, communication, public relations and advertising.

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Department Highlights

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Vision Statement

Inspiring individuals to create, understand, and analyze communication to become informed, effective, and ethical. 


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Mission Statement

The Tim Russert Department of Communication educates students to become critical thinkers trained in advocacy and effective communicators able to integrate theory and ethical principles in their professions while fostering awareness of diverse cultures and developing communication styles and technologies.

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We are guided by three principles:

  • Inquiry – be a critical thinker
  • Integrity – make ethical decisions
  • Involvement – be a leader in professional and public life