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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physics

As a physics student, you’ll gain skills in analysis, computing and research that will shape you into a multipurpose problem solver with a deep understanding of how the world around you works, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. You’ll come to understand the science behind some of the most innovative technologies of our time, and develop the skills necessary to imagine new ones. Beyond technical training, you’ll receive the broad liberal arts foundation that only a school like John Carroll can provide, shaping you into a well rounded citizen and job candidate. You’ll be prepared for a multitude of careers in engineering, data science, teaching, law, industrial or governmental research, medical physics, or further physics education.

Physics at John Carroll

As a physics student at John Carroll, you’ll master core physics concepts, and apply them with lab work and research. You’ll graduate with the ability to:

  • Use advanced mathematical, analytical, computer coding and experimental skills to model physical phenomenon
  • Execute data and statistical error analysis
  • Design and conduct experiments
  • Evaluate scientific results and arguments
  • Communicate scientific hypothesis, research methods, data and analysis

2022-2023 Sample Course Plan:

Physics BS 4 year sample plan.pdf

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

  • Physics Entrepreneurship
  • Biomedical Physics

Physics Degrees

Focuses in on physics concepts that are applied to engineering, preparing you for a career in engineering, applied physics, or graduate work in physics.

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A concentrated physics curriculum that allows you to pursue physics research or a physics graduate degree.

A more general, flexible program that will provide you with a good foundation for medical school or technical sales.

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General study of physics that prepares you for a career in law or teaching, or as a complement to another major.

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Earn both a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and a BS (Bachelor of Science) in physics through a partnership with John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University. You’ll spend 3 years earning your BA from JCU, and your final 2 completing your BS at CWRU.

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BS in Physics Program Highlights

Real Teaching

John Carroll's Physics faculty dedicate all of their attention and resources to undergraduate students. Faculty help guide students towards their strengths and interests, oversee research, and connect them with opportunities in the Cleveland area and beyond. Tutors are always available for homework and exam prep, and TAs help students complete complex lab work.

Amazing Experience

During senior year all students complete research for their capstone under the guidance of a faculty member. Recent areas of focus include biomedical research, green energy application, and atomic and molecular physics. Students are regularly published in tier 1 physics journals, and each fall, students who have completed research internships present their findings in one of the Physics Physics Department Colloquia (seminar series).

Jobs and Opportunities

Recent physics graduates are pursuing PhDs or Masters Degrees at schools like Cornell University, Duke University, the University of Arizona, University of Washington, and Case Western Reserve. Others have found careers at NASA, KPMG, PPG in Cleveland, and Mitsubishi Electronics, just to name a few.

Clubs and Organizations

  • Society of Physics Students  
  • Sigma Pi Sigma
  • JCU Pre-Health Society
  • JCU Pre-Medicine Society
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club

Featured Faculty

“A physics major in general sets students up to go in so many different directions, and continues to pay dividends throughout your career. You will be a “problem solver extraordinaire” and an innovator wherever you work. The physics training and foundation in problem solving using math, computers, or simply critical thinking allows for an ability to transition from challenge to challenge as the world changes in the future.”
—  Jeffrey Dyck, PhD, Professor of Physics and Department Chair

Notable Alum


Spencer Furin, '17

After graduating from John Carroll in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering physics, Spencer Furin was hired by Osborne Engineering, a Cleveland based company, where he helped design building fire protection systems, codes, and inspections. After eight months there, he was hired by the NASA Glenn Research Center, where he’s worked ever since as an electrical engineer.  In his role at NASA, Spencer performs computer modeling, simulation, and analysis of spacecraft electrical power systems, like the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

JCU Northeast Map

Physics Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.