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CSSA sponsors an average of 120 weekly service activities throughout the Cleveland community each semester. Weekly service is typically a ten-week commitment over a semester and students are expected to commit to all ten weeks. These activities are available for viewing during the first week of each semester, and registration for these activities takes place during the second week of each semester. To view or register for available activities during these first two weeks, students are encouraged to visit CSSA’s online registration system.

Check out what types of service students are currently doing via our social media pages – on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and submit your own stories! Tweet @jcu_cssa or use our hashtag on Instagram to tell us how you #ServeCle.

Each year, JCU students contribute more than 100,000 hours to the community through service. Now you can too! Join John Carroll’s dedicated students striving to make a difference through social action.

A number of courses — approximately 75 each year — include a service-learning component where students engage in some type of service — typically either project-based or weekly service. These courses have a Service-Learning Designation on Banner and include courses such as Introduction to Theology & Religious Studies, Adolescent Development, Introduction to Social Justice, and Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship.

Each semester, students also have the opportunity to participate in one-time opportunities. These service activities are open to all JCU students as well as staff, faculty, and administrators, and can be a good introduction to service for those who’ve never tried it before. Some involve travel to an off-site location (most have transportation provided); others happen right here at JCU. Some involve direct service, where participants are interacting with others; others involve indirect service, providing support for a community group or organization. To view or register for available activities, students are encouraged to visit CSSA’s online registration system.

CSSA currently partners with more than 75 nonprofit organizations, including schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, faith-based institutions, social service programs, and neighborhood outreach centers. CSSA’s many partnerships allow students to interact with a diverse range of populations in ways that encourage them to challenge their own assumptions about the lives of others while engaging in work that promotes justice and social action.