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Instructions for Using Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Click the link below each photo to open the full-size photo and save it.
  2. In Zoom during a call, click the upward arrow, next to the Stop Video icon. Or, while not in a call, go to your Zoom settings.
  3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Click the + in the top right corner and select the photo.
  5. If needed, use the Mirror my video setting. The image will look backwards to you but will appear normal to the person viewing your video feed.

More information and a video tutorial are provided on Zoom's virtual backgrounds documentation page.


CSSA Zoom Background 1, Blue Admin Building

Blue Administration Building 


CSSA Zoom Background 2, White background with CSSA logo and #ServeCle

Neutral #ServeCle Background


zoom virtual backgrounds - quad and flag

Quad and Flag


zoom virtual backgrounds - pacelli hall

Pacelli Hall