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Give Yourself Some Grace // LTM Episode 8

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We are so glad that you have joined us on this journey through Season 1 of Living the Mission. In the final installment for the season, Caroline and Delaney reflect on their conversations around the Social Change Model of Leadership and being a Socially Responsible Leader. They have explored the hardships and the struggles and learned how to embrace all of it, right where they are. Opening yourself up to different and difficult conversations allows you to recognize the challenges that come alongside this type of leadership, and also provides you the space for tremendous growth. Give yourself some grace for how far you’ve come, then join us next year for Season 2!

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 8 here.


The Next Best Step // LTM Episode 7

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We all have different viewpoints and outlooks, but we shouldn’t let that be a barrier that impacts how we communicate and work with others. Delaney and Caroline bring on several members of the Center for Service and Social Action’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) to talk about controversy with civility and how disagreements might be inevitable, but we can air them openly with civility. Controversy with civility involves recognizing that there may be two different fundamental realities of any creative group effort. They as the question of whether we as individuals are able to lean into controversy or if we tend to run away from it. It takes time to make change happen, but acknowledging that we are going to have to face obstacles like controversy is a good first step to becoming true change-makers

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 7 here.


Citizenship and Joy // LTM Episode 6

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In this episode of "Living the Mission," Delaney and Caroline reflect on the value of Citizenship with Dr. Krista Stevens of the Theology and Religious Studies department at JCU. Dr. Stevens believes that citizenship has to do with our participation belonging in local areas, across the globe, as well as our membership in the human community. Delaney and Caroline uncover our role in discovering and exploring social and moral issues, then discern how to be a faithful citizen when it comes to promoting the common good. It is important to not "bucket" or decide to put all of your beliefs or morals in one basket. Social issues are not all black and white. It is important to have intentional conversation and allow yourself to be uncomfortable to see that there is gray area in between. Delaney and Caroline discuss how nothing we do on this Earth may be perfect, but it is important to not lose sight of the work that still needs to be done. Citizenship is more communal than we may have originally believed.

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 6 here.


A Fierce Love // LTM Episode 5

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As individuals, service participants, and leaders, we strive to have common purpose. This episode explores the roots of connectedness and how the group value of common purpose entails working in unison with shared aims and values. Delaney and Caroline talk with Chris Knestrick, Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless about his experiences. Chris walks lives a life of service, justice, and with purpose. Chris' purpose has concern for the betterment of others and a shows preferential option for the poor. It is a purpose that loves others fiercely.

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 5 here.


The Full Experience // LTM Episode 4

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In the spirit of collaboration, join Delaney and Caroline and TWO special guests, Carolina Kane, CSSA's Marketing Specialist, and Blake Yoho, CSSA's Graduate Assistant. We are continuing our journey to becoming socially responsible leaders by uncovering just how much more we thrive when we are connected to those around us. Like most good things, collaboration challenges us to dig a little deeper in order to grow. Collaboration, according to the Social Change Model of Leadership, is working with one another for a common effort, and it is the cornerstone of group leadership because it empowers self and others through trust. This episode explores how can we build trust with others in that we all bring something to the table. When we are able to rely on other individuals for inspiration and not just ourselves, and when we are able to let others in, that's where the magic happens. 

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 4 here.


Congruent Chaos // LTM Episode 3

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Delaney and Caroline talk about congruence with special guest Dr. Tracy Masterson. Dr. Masterson is a clinical psychologist, Associate Professor in the Psychology department, and teaches many of the Child Development courses at John Carroll. This episode explores the ways we think, believe, behave, and act with consistency. We analyze how it is important to be aligned and congruent, especially when it is difficult. As individuals we thrive off of congruence, and we discover that this can be to our own detriment sometimes. Dr. Masterson reminds us that we have to "walk the walk" and align our lives with our beliefs and be authentic leaders.

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 3 here.


The Loveliest Moment in Life // LTM Episode 2

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Delaney and Caroline sit down with their friend Andrew Cera, visiting Jesuit Scholar, to talk about Consciousness of Self and how this value has aligned with his Jesuit formation. Consciousness of Self centers around knowing our own backgrounds so that we can move forward to lead, serve, and grow. Andrew talks with us about how we are called to live the discerning life by being aware of the world, accounting for our emotions, and taking action. Join us on the journey to live as people of greater of depth; individuals with our eyes wide open.

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 2 here.


Diet Coke and Commitment // LTM Episode 1

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Welcome to the first official episode of CSSA’s Living the Mission podcast. In this episode we chat with someone who is truly committed to John Carroll: Kyle O’Dell. As the Director of Student Engagement, Kyle says he plans the “fun events” on campus. But Kyle’s job is much more than simply planning “fun events.” Kyle fosters community, inspires us to be the best version of ourselves, and is committed to taking these challenging times and turning them into something meaningful for all students. Kyle brings passion and enthusiasm to the JCU community and shares his motivational energy to drive and serve the collective effort at JCU. Today, Kyle shares with us the passion that we need to bring to achieve true commitment, as well as advice we may need for when our commitments shift.

View the transcription for Living the Mission Episode 1 here.


Pilot: Living the Mission

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Grab your Adirondack chair or your favorite snack from the Tween. Join Delaney Burns ’21 and Caroline Maltese ’21 as they chat with some friends about how to become more socially responsible leaders and individuals. We are going to explore the Social Change Model of Leadership which revolves around 7 core values: Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, and Citizenship. Journey with The Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA) to figure out how we can authentically Live The Mission.

View the transcription for the Living the Mission Pilot here.


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