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"Universities must help shape the post-COVID-19 world." This article from University World News calls on academics, university administrators, government officials, and community partners to work together to develop democratic civic universities dedicated to producing knowledge and educating ethical, empathetic students for just and sustainable democratic societies.  They argue that doing so is essential if we are to create a better post-COVID-19

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The challenges of the future won’t respect disciplinary boundaries, so why would we teach and research within them? asks Tan Eng Chye in this article from Times Higher Education.

It’s time to rebuild the university on a foundation of interdisciplinarity

Reform-minded Arizona State University president, Michael Crow shares vision for a successful university model in wake of pandemic, saying institutions have done an ‘inadequate job of social empowerment’ in this article from Times Higher Education.

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Scott Galloway predicts a handful of elite cyborg universities will soon monopolize higher education in this article from Intelligencer.

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Joshua Kim from Inside Higher Ed argues that Scott Galloway is wrong about the big-tech future of higher education.

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Erran Carmel imagines a possible future for American Universities, post COVID-19 crisis in this writeup from Medium.

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In this article by Donna Fuscaldo from GoodCall, experts across the higher education landscape weigh into what they think higher education will look like in the future. 

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It's time for campus leaders to start generating more innovative options for fall 2020, which means considering some wilder ideas, argues José Antonio Bowen, who offers some suggestions in this article from Inside Higher Ed. 

5 Bigger and Better Ideas for Fall 2020