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In the spirit of St. Edmund Campion, the George B. Sweeney Endowed Campion Award for Service recognizes one sophomore student and one junior student each year with a demonstrated record of involvement in community service and social action, dedication to a faith tradition and/or spirituality, and strong evidence of leadership potential.

This is a one-year, $1,000 award given to one sophomore and one junior each year. The Center for Service and Social Action also administers up to $500 in additional funds to each Campion Award recipient for an approved campus-based service project.

Established in 1996 by JCU alumnus George B. Sweeney ’55, this fund honors John Carroll University students who have made significant service contributions, both on campus and in our larger community and who are committed to becoming leaders in social action. The award is named for St. Edmund Campion, an English Jesuit who was martyred in 1581. Campion rejected a life of prestige, power, and wealth to spend his life in service to others in most need.

The George B. Sweeney Endowed Campion Award for Service is available to full-time, enrolled, sophomore and junior students who are in good academic standing (a GPA of 2.0 or higher) and good University standing. All candidates meeting the required conditions of the award are eligible for consideration.

Candidates should have a strong background in the following (1) record of involvement in community service and social action, (2) involvement/dedication to a faith tradition and/or spirituality, and (3) strong evidence of leadership potential.

Selection Process:
Awardees will be selected by a committee composed of the Director of the Center for Service and Social Action and other JCU faculty, staff, and administrators.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to service and social action
  • Involvement in/dedication to a faith tradition and/or spirituality
  • Leadership ability/potential
  • Sophomore (having completed 25-54 hours and are in their third semester or more at JCU) or Junior (having completed 55-85 hours) in good academic standing
  • Letters of recommendation from two references

Application Timeline: 

  • Applications open on November 15, 2022
  • Applications are due on December 16, 2022

Application Requirements:

  • Complete an application form.
  • Provide two references who have knowledge of your service activities. Those references should be full-time JCU faculty or staff, or people who are familiar with your leadership role in a campus or community organization. Fellow students may NOT serve as references. Please distribute this reference form to these individuals and provide their information below. Please have letters sent directly to
  • Letters of support from agency-based service supervisors are appreciated, but not necessary. Please ask the supervisor to send the recommendation directly to

NOTE: The award is not intended to reduce existing institutional aid already awarded. However, if the student is a recipient of Federal funds, regulations may require John Carroll University to alter a student’s self-help aid such as loans or work-study. In rare cases, student aid may be limited to the total cost of education.

  • 2022 | Jannat Ali '23, Vince Rizzo '23, Laken Kincaid '24 
  • 2021 | Caitlin Drake '22, and Kathryn Zoller '23 
  • 2020 | Maguire Tausch ’21, and Raymond (Ray) Flannery '22
  • 2019 | Elizabeth (Liz) Marcelli ’20, and Jacob Fritsch '21
  • 2018 | Sean Freeman ’19, Maura Wallace ’20
  • 2017 | William M. DiPasquale ’18, Leanne Tang ’19
  • 2016 | Marina Giannirakis ’17, Robin Goist ’18
  • 2015 | Patrick Vecellio ’16, Annmarie Kirchner ’17
  • 2014 | Courtney Radtkin ’15, Katie Coffey ’15, Grace Donnelly ’16
  • 2013 | Alyssa Giannirakis ’14, Ned Barnes ’15, Michael Gong ’15
  • 2012 | McKenzae Bartels ’14, Maggie Hutchison ’14, Julia Blanchard ’14
  • 2011 | Catherine Distelrath ’12, Jeffrey Hatgas ’12, Jillian Dunn ’13
  • 2010 | Daniel Fitzmaurice ’11, Thomas Coast ’12
  • 2009 | Natalie Terry ’10, Kevin Henderson ’11
  • 1999 | Chris Kerr ’00, Trena Marks ’00, Patrick Corrigan ’01
  • 1998 | David Birchok ’99, Patrick Scanlan ’00, Brian Sinchak ’00
  • 1997 | Grant Mast ’98, Melanie Shakarian ’98, Julie Thorud ’99
  • 1996 | David Roth ’97, Penny Roxas ’98, Valerie Williams ’98

2021 Campion Award Winners

Caitlin Drake '22

Caitlin Drake '22 holding the Campion Award Certificate

Caitlin is a junior Arrupe Scholar from majoring in Education and minoring in Spanish and Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Caitlin has served as a Student Liaison with the Center for Service and Social Action for the past two years. Caitlin is the kind of leader who builds community and uplifts others by inviting and leveraging their gifts and talents.  She was described by the director of the Arrupe program as “an exceptionally strong leader and communicator who cares deeply about engaging others effectively. She sets clear goals while also giving freedom to groups she works with.” She has used this gift often working with the inmates of the Northeast Reintegration Center, a women’s correctional facility in Cleveland where she helped lead a women’s spirituality group. She broke down walls and stereotypes by building an atmosphere of trust and non-judgmental acceptance. When COVID-19 hit, Caitlin more than met the challenges of leading virtual service activities at Esperanza Inc. Despite being on Zoom, she was able to create a strong community among the participants. She also stepped up to the virtual challenge during Covid as the Arrupe Bonding Committee Chair. Her job was to think of creative and fun ways to build community for Arrupe. This task was no small feat, given there are 120 students with varying interests.

Caitlin possesses a deep commitment to social justice as a  leader and advocate. She served as a program intern at the Ignatian Solidarity Network as was described by the executive director, Chris Kerr as “one of our most dependable and committed interns he has worked with”. This year she took on greater responsibilities and the myriad of tasks related to the national Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. Caitlin has also worked as an immersion student coordinator, and had the chance to participate in an immersion trip to Ecuador. Caitlin brings a spirit of enthusiasm and joy to any room, and especially to others. We are delighted to recognize Caitlin Drake as the 2021 Junior Class recipient of the Campion Award.


Kathryn Zoller '23

Kathryn Zoller '23 holding the Campion Award Certificate

Kathryn (Katy) Katy has been involved in community service since grade school. Upon her arrival at John Carroll, Katy got to work blazing new trails, exercising leadership, and launching a new student organization to address gun violence.  As the founding president of Students Demand Action, Katy has been focusing her energy on reducing gun violence through education, , voter registration, and political engagement.  She has rapidly grown the organization to more than 60 active participants on campus and built a widening coalition off campus with other gun violence prevention activists across Ohio. The faculty advisor of Students Demand Action said of Katy, “This involvement speaks to Katy's dependability and communication skills , and her motivation to “lend a hand” and build community, even during these difficult COVID-19 months.

Katy has tutored students at St. Martin DePorres High School, Boy’s Hope Girls Hope, and now serves as a peer mentor with the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion supporting first-year students in their adjustment to college. Through learning the transformative nature of friendship and the power of empathetic listening, Katy has discovered the importance of simple gestures and building relationships with marginalized individuals. 

This past August, Katy won two Side Hustle Program Awards (August 2020) recognizing her creativity and rewarding her entrepreneurial leadership in developing an idea for a how-to book on activism for the common good. In a short time, Katy has already made a significant positive impact on the campus in the way she leads, engages others, and turns outrage into action for a greater good. She understands the power that effective communication holds in leadership and social change. We are delighted to recognize Katy Zoller as the 2021 Sophomore Class recipient of the Campion Award