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Military Science courses and additional info

1101: Leadership & Personal Development, 1 credit hour

Establishes a framework for understanding officership, leadership, and Army values. Also addresses personal development skills, including physical fitness, and time management.

1102: Introduction to Tactical Leadership, 1 credit hour

Focuses on communications, leadership, and problem-solving. Introduces students to the duties and responsibilities of an Army lieutenant as well as examines current pay and benefits.

2201: Innovative Team Leadership, 2 credit hours

Uses of ethics-based leadership skills to develop individual abilities and contribute to effective team-building. Focus on skills in oral presentations, writing concisely, planning of events, coordination of group efforts, advanced first aid, land navigation, and basic military tactics.

2202: Foundations of Tactical Leadership, 2 credit hours

Introduces both the individual and team aspects of military tactics in small-unit operations. Includes use of radio communications, making safety assessments, movement techniques, planning for team safety/security, and methods of pre-execution checks. Practical exercises with upper-division ROTC students.

3301: Adaptive Tactical Leadership, 3 credit hours

Challenges students to study, practice, and evaluate adaptive leadership traits and skills as they are presented with scenarios related to squad tactical operations.

3302: Leadership in Changing Environments, 3 credit hours

Uses increasingly intense situational leadership challenges to build cadet awareness and skills in leading tactical operations up to platoon level. Cadets review aspects of combat, stability, and support operations. They conduct military briefings; and develop proficiency operations orders, and plans. They focus on exploring, evaluating, and developing skills in decision-making, persuading, and motivating.

4401: Developing Adaptive Leaders, 3 credit hours

Develop critical, creative, and systemic thinking skills through problem-solving. Builds proficiency in assessing, planning, and executing complex operations; functioning as a member of a staff and providing leadership performance feedback to subordinates. Cadets assess risk; make ethical decisions; lead fellow cadets; and analyze, evaluate, and instruct cadets at lower levels. Classroom and battalion leadership experiences are designed to prepare them for their first unit of assignment.

4402: Leadership in a Complex World, 3 credit hours

Builds critical thinking skills through in-depth exploration of dynamics and complex situations of current military operations. Explores aspects of interacting with non-government organizations; civilians on the battlefield, and host nation support. Places significant emphasis on preparing cadets for their first unit of assignment. Uses case study scenarios and “What now, Lieutenant?” exercises to prepare Cadets to face the complex ethical and practical demands of leading as commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.

Additional requirements: History Course and Staff Ride

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