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The Program

The Beijing Center was founded in Beijing in 1998. The Beijing Center is a Jesuit institution accredited by Loyola University Chicago. The Beijing Center offers programs for undergraduate students, faculty, administrators, and tailor-made program for academic groups. The Beijing Center offers more than 60 classes during an academic semester, plus exciting summer programs. Students wishing to study at the Beijing Center do not need a prior knowledge of Chinese. Students may also take classes to fulfill course work for an Asian Studies concentration. The highlight for many students is an extended excursion around many different parts of China, as part of the regular semester’s program.

Financial Aid Information

Students participating on this program are eligible to take all financial aid with the exception of work-study. This includes scholarships, federal, and state aid. Students on employee benefits packages are not eligible for these benefits on this program. Please consult the Office of Financial Aid for further information.

Program Costs Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Tuition: $22,745
  • Room: $5,000-$7,500
  • Administrative Fee: $9,000
  • Total Billed by JCU: $ 36,526-$39,026

Estimated costs (not billed by JCU)

  • Books and supplies: $300
  • Personal Expenses: $6,000
  • Transportation: $2,100
  • Board: $2,000
  • Visa: $310
  • Insurance: $300
  • Total Indirect Expenses: $11,010

Total Semester Budget: $ 31,998-$33,798

Note: Board is the responsibility of the student while in Beijing.

How to Apply

Applications for the Beijing Center are available online.

The deadline for applications to study abroad for Fall Semester is March 1, and for Spring Semester is October 1.

For further information about spending a semester at the Beijing Center students may contact the Center for Global Education.

For information on China please see the following links:

  • CIA World Fact Book: China
  • State Department Consular Country Information: China
  • Centers for Disease Control: China

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.