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Arrupe = Advocacy in Action

The Arrupe Social Justice Scholars Program teaches students how to recognize, examine, and change unjust structures embedded in societies and the world. 

In Arrupe, it's not enough to simply learn about injustice and inequality. We give students the tools they need to advocate for meaningful social change. Our academic courses enable students to analyze social justice issues and ask questions that help them to understand the social, cultural, political, economic, and moral dimensions of injustice. Outside the classroom, students explore ways of standing in solidarity with those facing oppression and injustice, learning from community partners and bearing witness to their struggles.

Apply to the Arrupe Social Justice Scholars

As an additional opportunity, Arrupe will award a $5000/year scholarship to a deserving applicant entering as a first-year student in the Fall of 2023. Simply apply to the program using the above application link.

Arrupe Requirements
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Footprints for Fatima is an annual fundraiser to benefit the Fatima Family Center and the Fatima Food drive. Proceeds go toward feeding 150 families in Cleveland's Hough neighborhood and creating awareness about food insecurity in our city through advocacy.

Over 150 people participated in this year's race, raising over $2,500 for the food drive.

There is still time to donate to the food drive! Please click here to donate.




Sadie Hackett 
AD 125e

Julia Arnold-Hess
Administrative Assistant
AD 125a