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Grant Guidelines:

  • Faculty and student projects are eligible for Applied Ethics grants.
  • Collaborative projects and multi-disciplinary/ interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged.
  • Applications for projects that are intended to evolve into ongoing University programs must demonstrate how the proposed project will be “mainstreamed” and how it will become sustainable financially. The Program in Applied Ethics cannot provide ongoing support for University programming.
  • Individual faculty projects are not the main focus of Applied Ethics grants.


Applications for projects will be reviewed by the Applied Ethics Advisory Board, which is chaired by the Associate Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences, and includes one faculty member from each CAS division, appointed by the CAS Dean, and one faculty member from the Boler School of Business, appointed by the Dean of the Boler School.

Application Deadlines:
Proposal deadline for Fall Semester projects is May 1st.
Proposal deadline for Spring Semester projects is October 1st.

Applied Ethics Grant Application

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A Project Report to the Applied Ethics Advisory Board is due at the end of the semester in which the project is funded. If the Project is implemented over the course of more than one semester, a short interim report should be submitted to the Advisory Board at the end of each semester, and a final project report at the end of the final semester of funding.

For further information about the Program in Applied Ethics, please contact Dr. Rodney Hessinger, Associate Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences, and Chair of the Applied Ethics Advisory Board, at