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Concentration: Communication Advocacy

Communication Advocacy Concentration

The ability to advocate effectively and ethically is critical to society. Whether ensuring that the most vulnerable have their voices heard, challenging erroneous claims, safeguarding rights, accessing information, expressing opinions, or advancing policies, successful advocacy is essential to social justice, law, public policy, sales, and virtually any area where the ability to persuade is critical to success.

    What Will You Learn?

    Students completing the Communication Advocacy concentration will have the knowledge and ability to: 

    • Advocate effectively in a variety of contexts
    • Identify and apply communication theories to explain how public messages or performances achieve their results
    • Write effective interpretations and critiques of messages

    98% of all Russert graduates complete at least one internship during their time at John Carroll.

    At JCU, you’ll be well prepared for the real world. As a small liberal arts university located in a major U.S. city, we’ve created opportunities to ensure you have access to the undeniable advantages that Cleveland offers. We’ll connect you with valuable internships, as well as permanent positions after graduation, at fast-rising startups, Fortune 500 companies, government, academic, and nonprofit organizations.

    Cleveland is a major media market, anchored by television and radio stations, large public relations and marketing firms, and three professional sports teams. Discover your passion in a city with countless opportunities.

    Each year, one graduating senior earns the NBC/JCU "Meet the Press" Fellowship, and serves a nine-month contract with NBC News in Washington, D.C.

    Program Highlights

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    Communication Advocacy Concentration Course Checklist

    • COMM 210: Intro to Advocacy
    • COMM 303 Crafting the Message
    • COMM 400: Social Media Advocacy 
    • Students choose one 300-level elective
      • COMM 300 Communication Theory
      • COMM 310 Voices of the Outsider
      • COMM 344 Communication in Sales & Marketing
      • COMM 369 Social Media Strategy & Analytics
      • COMM 371 Web & Interactive Design
      • COMM 373 Sports Promotion & Fan Engagement
      • COMM 375 Communicating About Health (PPH)
      • COMM 399 Special Topics
    • Students choose one 400-level elective
      • COMM 402 Leadership & Communication
      • COMM 404 Detecting Bunk
      • COMM 473 Non-profit Marketing
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    Laboratories of Learning

    When you study in the Russert Department, you’ll have the ability to put your classroom knowledge to use from day one. Our experiential learning opportunities provide you with the experience necessary to gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

    • Become comfortable behind the microphones at WJCU 88.7 FM or in one of our podcast studios.
    • Develop your on-camera presence or learn the inner workings of production in our television studio.
    • Hone your writing, interviewing, and editing skills as part of The Carroll News.
    • Find your voice with our Speech and Debate team.
    • Study as a class and work on group projects in our updated Mac lab.