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    The following is a summary of the major votes, decisions and proposals of the ICCC during the 2017-18 AY. For details, please click the meeting date to download approved meeting minutes from that meeting.

    August 28, 2017:

    • Voted (10/0/0) to approve minor changes to four Core grading rubrics. Changes proposed by the Director of Assessment in collaboration with members of the ICCC. Changes were made to the rubrics for Foundational Writing, Integrated Writing, Additional Writing in the Major, and Engaging the Global Community.
    • Established a plan to convene assessment coordinators in each division in order to establish learning goals for the Distribution Courses by October 15.
    • Established an ad hoc subcommittee to study the question (raised during the Core revision process last spring) of “double dipping” in the Core.
    • Approved (9/0/1) four Biology courses to carry Capstone designation (BL 410, BL 415, BL 447, BL 424).

    September 11, 2017:

    • Established consistent annual deadlines of April 5 and November 5 for all applications for Core Course Designations. (November 5 = deadline for designation proposals for courses to be offered the following fall; April 5 = deadline for courses for the following spring as well the summer term beyond that.)
    • Approved (10/0/0) one History course (HS 281, Contemporary East Asian History) to carry EGC designation.
    • Established an ad hoc subcommittee to study the question of moving to a sampling process for Core assessment procedures.
    • Reviewed and made corrections to an updated document “Faculty Guidelines for the Core Curriculum,” to be published and distributed to faculty soon.

    September 18, 2017:

    • Updates and discussion on various projects underway, including establishment of Distribution Course goals and a preliminary report of findings from the “double dipping” subcommittee. No decisions made at this meeting.

    October 2, 2017:

    • Approved (8/0/3) HS 397, Women in the Catholic Church, to carry EGC designation
    • Approved (9/0/1) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 3 linked course pairs (HS 3XX/PS3XX, History and Memory; EN 299/PS 2XX, Trauma in Psychology & Literature; PO 215/TRS 349, Islam and Politics
    • Approved (7/0/3) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 4 linked course pairs (PH 117/COMM 250, Science & Policy of Climate Change; CH 174/IC 209, Chemistry of Food & the Global Table; BL 140/EN 299, Biology & Literature of Consciousness; PO 213/CH 172, Forensics of Wrongful Convictions)
    • Approved (8/0/2) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 2 linked course pairs (COMM 420/SC 355, Race & Ethnicity in Theatre; COMM 335/EN 277, American Writing & Film)
    • Approved (8/0/2) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 3 EGC courses (HS 245, US Foreign Relations; PO 332, African Politics; CL 302, Power & Identity in the Roman Republic)

    October 9, 2017:

    • Approved (10/0/0) a series of 14 capstone courses for the Biology department (BL 406, 417, 419, 420, 423, 426, 435, 444, 454, 459, 465, 470, 471, 475), including AW and OP designations for some (see approved courses link for more designation details)
    • Approved (8/0/2) HS 397/IC 399, Japan Study Tour, for EGC credit, effective Spring 2018
    • Discussed three proposals to bring to dept. chairs for preliminary discussion: 1) moving to a course-based, rather than instructor-based, system of assigning Core course designations; 2) including new majors (such as EAP and DATA) in the lists of approved departments to offer Distribution courses; and 3) instituting a set of criteria that could be used to establish a ‘first year appropriate’ designation for particular courses
    • Decided to put out a Call for Proposals for Course Development Grants for Fall 2018 classes to focus on linked courses only, as that is the area most in need of course development at present. Deadlines for grant applications set for Nov. 5 (Summer/Fall 2019) and Apr. 5 (Spring 2019). Decided that all grant requests will be considered together (and approved requests will be funded) in April-May 2018.

    October 23, 2017:

    • Approved (9/0/1) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to one linked course pair (EN/HS)
    • Voted to approve three sets of Distribution course goals as identified by the Social Science (11/0/1), Natural Science (11/0/1), and Humanities (12/0/0) assessment coordinators
    • Updates and discussion on various other projects underway; no decisions on these projects made at this meeting.

    October 30, 2017:

    • No Core meeting was held this day. A virtual vote was proposed on the linked course TRS 342/BL 137, Islam and Environmental Science. Virtual vote completed 10/31/2017. Vote tally 7/0/6 to approve the linked course.

    November 6, 2017:

    • Approved (9/0/1) FR 302 to carry AW designation. Approved (9/0/1) EN 250 and SC 352 to carry OP designation. Gave conditional approval and approval final course development grant payment for the link PS 455/SC 442 (course numbers will change).
    • Discussed (without final decisions) changes to: core budget, assessment plans, approval of distribution classes (HUM/SOC/SCI), further data on ‘double-dipping’ in light of majors with heavy credit burdens.

    January 22, 2018

    • The committee voted to approve monies for enrichment grants to be used in classes.
    • Discussion about phasing out subcommittees.

    February 5, 2018

    • Discussion on the need for Linked Courses for Fall of 2018
    • Established a process of Distribution Rubrics for those courses with a distribution designation.

    February 19, 2018

    • Reviewed proposed revisions to the Administrative Structure of the Core Curriculum.
    • Reviewed Additions to Core Language Policy by CMLC; voted in favor that Students who have learned a language for which there is no placement exam at JCU can demonstrate proficiency in that language by taking a nationally-validated proficiency exam approved by the chair of the language department. The student will bear the cost of taking the exam. Demonstration of proficiency at or above the intermediate-mid level in at least two skills (oral proficiency as well as writing or reading) will qualify the student for a waiver of the language requirement. This waiver only exempts the student from the language requirement; it does not grant the student academic credit.

    March 12, 2018

    • Committee was updated on meeting that was held with the Provost about moving the Core under that position.  This motion is still on hold until new President is brought in.
    • The committee reviewed and voted to approved numerous courses with the HUM, SOC, and SCI designation.

    March 26, 2018

    •  Reviewed and voted to pass the wording change on CMLC Foreign Language requirement:  "International Students – who are citizens of OR who have lived for at least ten years in another country whose primary language is not English-are exempt from the language requirement.” To “International Students-those who are citizens of AND have lived for at least ten years in another country whose primary language is not English-are exempt from the language requirement."
    • Reviewed and voted to approve a list of courses with the HUM designation.
    • Reviewed and voted on the following courses for the following Core designations:  
      • MHR 113 for ISJ Designation
      • ES 435 for AW Designation

    April 9, 2018

    • The Committee discussed the possibilities of editing the Core Assessment Survey.
    • Reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for the following Core designations:
      • AW for EN 407:  Writing Health: Mortality
      • C, OP, AW for MT 469:  History of Mathematics
      • C for PO 412: Urban Politics
    • Discussed rubrics for the Distribution Designations to make sure they are uniform going forward.

    April 23, 2018

    • The rubrics for Distribution Committees were revised based on recommendations from committee members in the previous committee meeting.  Each of the Distribution committee members agreed with changes that were discussed previously and thus are adopted.
    • The Committee reviewed, voted and approved requests for course development grants for HS 225 & EN 282; MKT 125 & CS 125; HS 278 & SC 259.
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • C for CH 399:  Undergraduate Research
      • C & AW for IT 410:  Capstone
      • C & OP for BL 440:  Behavior
      • C for PO 458: Topics in Political Dev.
      • AW for EPA 232: Research Methods
      • OP & AW for FR 370:  From Versailles to French Revolution in Lit and Film
      • C for PS 435 Capstone
      • EGC for IC 205:  Global Fairytales 
      • C for HS 490: Senior Seminar
      • ISJ for EN 276: Equality, Justice and You
      • ISJ for GR 212: Germany Divided and Reunified

    August 28, 2018

    • Biggest change for the 2018-2019 is the transition of core applications from subcommittee to full committee; applications when completed will go right to full committee for review and vote.  
    • Vote on Enrichment Funds request by TRS 352
    • Reviewed Assessment Day results
    • Discussion on what the Core Committee can do to help with HLC visit this academic year.
    • There is a need for more Linked Pairs to advance the Core; message to departments to encourage more!


    September 10, 2018

    • Maria Marsilli is the Humanities Director for the Fall Semester, 2018.
    • Reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • C,AW, OP for MT 491: Senior Capstone
    • Committee reviewed, voted and approved course enrichment grant for TRS 322 & HS 240
    • Committee discussed the possibility of having rotating link courses; Chemistry has a course that could be linked with many departments and is not having any success in finding a department to commit to developing a course to link with it. The core director offered to speak to departments to see if there is any interest out there.  Committee also noted that absent the request for funding the issue could be resolved if Chemistry creates a series of linked courses with other departments that would use a slower cycle.  Chemistry could offer their version every semester or year, and partners could rotate every semester or year.
    • Committee reviewed the issue of whether a second English foundational course is necessary (EN 126).  What is the need and what kind of data would be needed to make decision?  Some committee members suggested that helping current faculty who teach EN 125 on coarse goals and what students take away from the course could make a difference and eliminate a need for secondary course.
    • The core director asked for more Leadership courses as it is an important part of the Core. Leadership and Collaboration are the eighth academic goal in the core document.


    September 24, 2018

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • EGC for LP 350: Global Leadership
      • C for COM 497: Capstone
      • Link for BL 140: Biology of Creativity and AH 210: Art and Scientific Inquiry
      • ISJ for PJHR 350:  Identity and Social Research
      • HUM for HS 217: Prophecy and Order
    • Committee reviewed, voted and approved a course enrichment grant for COM 240.
    • What tactics for academic excellence would the committee like to tackle for the current academic year: 
      • discussion on moving the core under new Provost; discussion for this is put on hold.
      • staff enough core classes to ensure on time degree completion; there will always be a need for certain core designated courses; how to encourage the creation of new ones and to reapply when designations expire
      • eliminate sub-committees - already done
      • implement assessment of both Distribution and major requirement core elements; waiting on some assessment results that will be coming from Spring 2019 capstone courses.
      • some other tactics that members of the committee came up with related to EGC and whether EGC leaders need to be compensated; EGC for study abroad - what counts for study abroad and what does not; EGC Learning Communities; overabundance of HUM courses.
    • What tactics are most important to work on this academic year - committee thought the following:
      • expiration of core designations and how to renew them
      • further integrate EGC learning objectives and study abroad courses/programs
      • the need for more team taught EGC courses
      • the need to reignite learning communities and create best practices


    October 8, 2018

    • Committee reviewed, voted to approved the following course for Core Designation:
      • ISJ for EN 276: Social Justice in Film and Lit
    • Reviewed and approved tactics to work on for academic year.
    • Discussion of Linked Class Policy for failure, withdrawal or other options:  current policy is if a student withdraws, fails or drops one of the linked pairs they would have to enroll in another linked pair and get permission of instructors.  The core director and Catherine Sherman will meet to review policy and data to find out how many times this is happening; committee members would like a set policy for advisers and students. 


    November 5, 2018

    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • AW for PS 301/L:  Experimental Design Analysis
      • ISJ for SP 329:  Migrant Voices
      • C for FR 370:  Versailles and French Revolution
      • SCI for BL 116:  Biology, Race and Gender
      • EPS/SPS 232 are the same course and should carry the same designation
      • ED 253:  School and Society at one time carried a temporary ISJ designation; should it have full time designation - committee voted it should
    • Discussion on Double Majors and Core Requirement
      • Should double majors be required to fulfill core requirements in each major?  Different majors require different audiences, therefore it makes sense for the student to complete both sets of requirements; it was agreed that a panel of the committee members be put in place to look at this and report to back to the whole committee.
    • Double Designations: courses cannot have double designations
    • Discussion on how the core is working with those students who transfer into JCU with 45+ credits


    November 19, 2018

    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • OP for CS 270: Software Engineering Practices
      • OP, AW, C for DATA 470:  Data Science Project
    • Update on EGC Meetings:  the director meet with Global Education to discuss response papers; Committee feels there needs to be an academic professor(s) to review these response papers; committee also discussed the updates on the learning communities
    • Update on the AW website for Faculty 


    December 3, 2018

    • Update on the number of CAPA courses offered;
    • Continued discussion on getting EGC credit for studying abroad
    • An update on the upcoming bulletin - references to "old core" will be removed
    • Discussion on the policy on students who fail or withdraw from a linked pair of courses and what JCU policy is.  The committee voted:  Policy on repeating a Linked Pair due to failure or withdrawal: A student may retake the same linked pair and the final grades from the second attempt would replace the prior grades of the same courses and would be final.

    January 14, 2019

    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following course for Core Designation:
      • PO 401 for Capstone
    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve an enrichment grant for the linked pair of TRS 366 and EN 276.
    • Committee clarified the Linked Pair Policy:
      • Students who withdraw from one of the linked course: written permission is needed from both instructors.
      • Students who finish both courses with C‐ or lower: may take another linked pair; they may petition to repeat the pair.
      • Students who withdraw or fail one course and pass the other with a C or better: if they retake the same link, both final grades will count.
    • Committee discussed the Double Major Policy as to whether a student would need to take C,AW, and OP for each of their majors.
    • Discussion on the upcoming HLC meeting in February


    January 28, 2019

    • Discussion on AP implications for Core and Honor's Students and what transfer credits counts towards core.   Some core committee members will work on a policy for transfer credits.
    • Core reviewed and voted to approve the following course for Core Designation:
      • ISJ for IC 370: Hispanic Women Writers
    • EGC Policy Updates:  The committee reviewed and voted to approve the policy on how to receive EGC credit while studying abroad
    • Discussion and voting on prompt for EGC Study Abroad Reflective Essay
    • Review Course Enrichment Grants and voted to approve both
    • Core Director reviewed with the committee the number of Linked Pairs and iterated that there is a need for Linked Pairs to be developed and taught.


    February 26, 2019

    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following course for Core Designation:
      • CAPA credit for 
        • FA 158: World Music
        • FA 151: Gregorian Chant
        • FA 115:  Class Piano
      • AW credit for: DATA 470: Data Science Project
      • SOC credit for SC 202: Social Change
      • HUM credit for FR 320:  French Women
    • Writing Across the Curriculum at JCU was reviewed and T. Pace will be working the Writing Center to get this implemented.
    • Portfolium: the Core Director reviewed the Portfolium as software that will help with the assessment portion of the Core.


    March 11, 2019

    • The Committee reviewed course enrichment grant requests and voted to approve them for:
      • TRS 237
      • SC 111 and PO 242
    • Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • HUM for AH 321:  Gothic Cathedrals
      • EGC for HS 278 and SC 259: Cuba: Past and Present
    • T. Bruce reviewed Assessment Day for the 2019 and that it will be held on May 15.
    • T. Pace reviewed the website for Writing Across the Curriculum
    • B.Brossmann and C. Sherman reviewed the Core Advising Guide that they are working on.  This will be used by Advisers and give them an overview of the Core.


    April 1, 2019

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • AW/OP for TRS 400:  Scripture and Revelation
      • HUM for HS 305:  Rome: City of Emperors, Popes and Saints
    • Discussion on Wheeling Jesuit University - all students will be welcome and the Core Committee will honor Wheeling Jesuit's Core Requirements for any students that transfer into JCU.
    • A Core advising session for faculty will be held on 4/3/19


    April 15, 2019

    • Update on COM 112 to 212:  The 112 assignments have transitioned,, and that the CAPA designation is attached to COMM 212.  The 112 assignments have transitioned, the course has been buffed, it has moved from three 1 – credit classes per semester to one 3 credit class per semester.
    • Summer Course Development requests were reviewed.  All five link development grants were voted on and approved.   All other core designation course development grants were reviewed, and discussed that the need right now is for Linked courses, so all other development grant requests were not approved.
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • Capstone Designation for PO 445 Nationalism and Citizenship
      • AW  for EN 472 African American Literature 
      • Capstone for COMM  498
      • OP for EN 401 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop 
      • OP for EN 458 Advanced Dickens 


    April 29, 2019

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:
      • EGC for GR 213: German Speaking World
      • ISJ for PHP 279: Clinical Decision Making
      • AW for EN 458: Dickens
      • AW for EN 489: Study in Rhetoric and Composition 
      • Capstone for English  - Professional Writing Track Only
      • Capstone for EN Creative Writing Track
      • SOC for SC 360   





    September 9, 2019

    • An introduction of new committee members were made
    • Focus of the year will Assessment:  are the courses that have received Core approval doing the things that they were approved for?  Is the committee doing the things they said they would be doing?
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • LINK for EN 239  Latin American Film: Power & HS 276: Masters and Underdogs
      • LINK for EN 299:  Women, Violence and Literature & PS 293 Psychology of Gendered Violence
      • Link for SC 290: Environmental Sociology and TRS 263: Ecology, Religion and Justice
    • TRS Modification:   a proposal was made by TRS  that the core requirement for TRS be changed from 1 lower level course and 1 upper level course to two courses, at least one of them be upper level.   Feeling that this change needs to go before the full faculty for a vote. 

    September 23, 2019

    • Discussion on the TRS Modification that was brought up at the last meeting.   A vote was taken and passed that  we send to Faculty Council recommendation that students may take two upper level TRS courses to fulfill TRS Core requirement.
    • A review of the Learning Communities was done.  The committee voted to approve the creation of two new Learning Communities:  East Asia Faculty Learning Community and Globalization of Sport.
    • The Committee discussed and approved the following course enrichment grants:
      • HS 240 & TRS 332 - Kirtland Temple
      • HS 265 - Kent State
      • EN 125 - Honorarium for guest speakers
      • EN 299F & HS 277 - CMA
      • HP 101 - CMA
      • AH 210 and BL 140C - CMA
    • Review of Summer Course Grants:
      • LINKED for PL 309: Philosophy and her Neighbors and EN 292: Literature and Her Neighbors
      • LINKED for PL 319: Philosophy and Identity and PJHR 350: Identity and Social Research
    • CL 302-51 & HS 302-51 - these courses were reviewed with the committee as they are the same course, just cross listed.  Its the same material, instructor and students.  CL 302 carries the EGC designation; HS 302 should carry this designation.   Committee voted to approve this request.
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • EGC for TRS 267: Stones v. Bread
      • AW for PL 300
      • Capstone for EN Portfolio
      • LINK for HS 281: Contemporary East Asian History and PO 241: History, Culture, Politics (EA)

    October 7, 2019

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • EGC Designation for SS 305: Globalization of Sport
      • Extend the capstone designation to the 400 level literature courses
    • The Committee discussed and approved the following enrichment grant:
      • Approve $600 for an Enrichment Grant for TRS 371:  Origins and Development of Ignatian Spirituality
    • Assessment:  T. Bruce then solicited from the Committee their input on trends they saw in Student Learning as it pertains to the Core during Assessment.

    October 21, 2019

    • The Committee discussed and approved the following enrichment grant:
      • Approve $100 for an Enrichment Grant for SC 255: Prejudice and Discrimination
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • HUM Designation for AH 311: Cinema of the Avant‐Garde
    • The Committee continued their discussion of Assessment.

    November 11, 2019

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • ISJ for SC 257: Social Inequalities with condition that it meets with the core director to make sure learning goals are met.
      • OP for EN 494: Oral Presentation
    • The Committee discussed and approved the following enrichment grants:
      • Approve funds for PL 309 ($90) and PL 319 ($600)
      • Approve funds for EN 125 ($300) for an Enrichment Grant for guest speakers
    • EGC Update:  In regards to get EGC credit for study abroad, B. Brossmann informed the committee that two proposals were on the way to the committee for review: One proposal would be to grant EGC credit for study abroad and outline the steps that students would need to complete to earn the credit. The second proposal would not grant EGC credit for study abroad.  Committee discussed that if the possibility exists that study abroad students would not get EGC credit that it might negatively affect the study abroad programs. B. Brossmann will be bringing the two proposals to the committee for further discussions.
    • Promoting the Core: B. Brossmann discussed with committee members the outcome from the COM 125 speaking event, as there were 20 students that competed with 6 finalists being chosen. The judges were academics, and graduated members of the JCU community that are public speakers in their respective occupations. COM 125 is a course that carries core designation and that most incoming students need to take. These type of events need to be publicized and rewarded. Discussion on how to publicly  promote the Core and reward those students (trophies and/or plaques). Perhaps the core can hire a student worker to help with the promotion of it. B. Brossmann will look into this.

    November 25, 2019

    • It was approved that the Final Assessment Report be sent to the full faculty.
    • EGC - Study Abroad:  the Committee voted to approve that a subcommittee revise the Study Abroad Prompt for student to receive EGC credit for studying abroad.
    • Transfer Credit 45+ Credit:  Question as to whether there should be a new policy of transfer credit. Should it be at different levels? Very few people bring in 45+ credits and receive Core Credit. Should this change? It was mentioned that 80% of transfers bring in less than 24 credits. Committee felt that no new standard should be adopted and that the policy should stay intact, unless JCU is going to be marketing to get more transfer students.
    • Linked Courses: the Committee Director updated the committee that he is concerned that instructors are not wanting to continue to teach their link courses once their obligation is met. If this is the case then there is a need for new linked courses!
    • Other Business:  M. Marsilli will be assuming the Associate Dean’s position for one year starting in the spring while R. Hessinger is on Grauel.

    January 13, 2020

    • EGC Study Abroad Update: B. Brossmann received acknowledgement from all 28 students informing them of what’s expected from them upon conclusion of their study abroad. A meeting for faculty who teach EGC courses will be held to discuss what works/doesn’t work.
    • Request for considering additional QA: the advising office is asking the committee to review QA to see if it is represented as much as OP and AW. In the old core, students took three SCI courses. In the new core, they take one SCI course and it is mostly introductory. How do we link QA back to their majors? Two committees to look at the SCI and QA challenges were formed and will meet to reevaluate these challenges.
    • Linked Course Update:  B.Brossmann sent a letter to chairs asking for more linked courses. He also asked chairs what linked courses won’t have instructors anymore. Discussion as to if other faculty can teach already created linked pairs. He will be sending out an email about the April 5 deadline to apply for summer course development grants, giving priority to Linked Courses.
    • Faculty Workshops:  the Committee reviewed the faculty workshops that will be held in the current semester.

    February 10, 2020

    • Update on SCI Subcommittee:  B. Brossmann provided an update on the SCI Subcommittee meeting.  The subcommittee’s concern is that there is a disconnect from the natural world sciences and that a good percentage of students are taking Math and Psychology to fulfill their SCI requirement.  What are some recommendations that would help solve the issue:  keep the status quo – allowing Math and Psychology to count for the natural world SCI requirement;  make all students take a natural world science course which could cause huge ramifications; we need to be sure that JCU is making good on meeting the promises that were made at the beginning of the installation of the core requirements.  What should the committee do?  B. Brossmann asked how the committee wants to carry on this conversation. It was decided that T. Bruce will meet with SCI subcommittee and they can come up with an articulate statement that the core committee can use to discuss further.
    • The Committee discussed and approved the following enrichment grants: 
      • $250 for John Bodnar to speak  HS 229

        *  $400 for Prf. Damus to speak to SC 111

        *  $600 for published magazines for St. Martin de Porres  students in PL 398 & EN 299

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

      • CAPA for AH 248:  Intro to Graphic Design

      • CAPA for EN 134:  Intro to Creative Non-Fiction

      • AW for ER 230:   Launching the Social Innovation

      • C for ER 480:   Entrepreneurship Field Experience

      • HUM for COM 338 – American Cinema


    March 16, 2020

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • CAPA for COM 111: Impromptu
      • LINK for AH 315: 20th Century Art/HS 263: Italian History 1914-1957
      • Conditional approval given to ACT 4xx: Catholic Social Teaching in Business/TRS 3xx: Catholic Social Teaching in Busines; this course is up for a summer development grant; it will be reviewed in Fall of 2020 for formal committee approval.
    • Update on the SCI subcommittee on the Natural World.  The committee discussed what the SCI committee presented, and the Core Director would like to review this more at the next meeting.
    • Committee discussed the need for more Links for the Spring of 2021.


    April 6, 2020

    • SCI Proposal:  P.Kvidera and M. Martin joined the committee to review and discuss the proposals put forth by the SCI committee.   The committee felt given the current circumstances of COVID-19 and the financial impact it may have, that it was voted to table this discussion until after the pandemic.  
    • The committee voted last week to relax the core requirements for incoming transfer students this year due to COVID-19.  P. Kvidera asked us to consider extending that to the Spring 2020 transfer students. They were on campus for 9 weeks before the COVID-19 hit. It is approximately 25 students. Committee approved this request.
    • Course Development Grant Request: Webinger/Wilson-Reitz:  They applied for the grant last year, the committee was unaware of the application until after the deadline had passed last year.  The instructors have been given a provisional approval to teach the linked pair in Fall of 2020, and they have been actively working on the course.  They would now like the committee to consider the course development grant proposal that was submitted last year. The Committee voted and approved this request.
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:
      • AW for TRS 430: Intro to Systematic Theology
      • EGC for TRS 205: Engaging the New Testament
      • ISJ for PO 3xx: Women, Gender and Politics
    • EGC Updates: on the original fall schedule there was only 14 EGC courses; at the very least there needs to be 18; with the possible cancellation of any study abroad experience, the need for more EGCs is high. .  There might be more as some instructors have stepped up and said they would like to teach more EGC courses and will be applying for summer grants.  Some of these courses may be added to the Fall 2020 schedule.
    • Course Renewal Process:  as there are over 100 courses whose designation will be expiring by the end of the next school year, the committee will be looking a quick and clean process.  Before the meeting the committee was provided with draft templates of the renewal applications.  Some of these templates were reviewed during the meeting and some suggestions were made on the wording and rationale of the applications.  Question was posed as to who would be renewing all the applications, as to if it would be the whole committee or a subset of the committee.   The committee felt that subcommittees would initially look at the application and then inform the committee.  Modifications will be made to the applications and brought back to the committee.

    April 20, 2020

    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following course for Core Designation:
      • OP for TRS 430: Intro into Systematic Theology
    • The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following summer course development:
      • Nye Nathalie: PL XXX Philosophy of Blacks in Europe (EGC)

      • Reiko Simmons:  CH XXX: The Chemistry of Nuclear Energy (EGC)

      • Simran Kahai: EC 381: Applied Global Health Economics  (EGC)





    September 14, 2020

    The Committee Director welcomed Dean Bonnie Gunzenhauser to the meeting.

    The Director outlined the pressing issues for the academic year:

    • over 100 courses up for renewal; there will be an OnBase renewal application built and process that the committee will use.  
    • review distribution courses - which ones are needed for students to complete the requirement
    • there is a NEED for linked pairs, PLKR, PLVS and EGC courses
    • should CAPA courses be three credit vs. the one credit they are now?

    The committee reviewed updates on three summer course development grants:

    • Nathalie Nya – proposing “Philosophy of Blacks in Europe” an EGC Course
    • Reiko Simmons – proposing “Chemistry of Nuclear Energy” and EGC Course
    • Webinger/Wilson-Reitz – both instructors are using the same fully integrated syllabus and that this course has been offered in the past and has provisional approval. 

    The committee was pleased with the progress of these courses and voted to approve final payment of their grants.

    The Committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • ISJ for HS 138:  History of Science and the Body in America


    September 28, 2020

    T. Pace promoted "Writing Across the Curriculum" to be held on September 29, 2020.  The topics presented will be teaching writing online as well, being able to share ideas for what is working and best practices.

    Update on Study Abroad:  the director updated the committee on spring 2020 Semester Study Abroad Students.  Due the pandemic, the students were called home early and did not get the full experience.  The students submitted their papers for EGC credit.  The director suggested that the papers are in line with what has been previously written in other semesters and he is inclined to give them the EGC credit.  He offered up the papers to the committee if they want to read them.  The EGC director moved to let the core director make the decision.  The committee agreed to accept the core director’s decision.

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • AW for SC 350:  Sociological Research
    • LINK for AC 100/TRS 266: Catholic Social Teaching in Business
    • EGC for EN 287: Irish Literature and Film – Approve with conditions (*please note that since the approval of this course, the EGC course number has been changed to EN 267)
    • LINK for PO 231: Current Issues East Asian Politics/HS 281: Contemporary East Asian History

    The committee reviewed updates on a summer course development grant:

    • S. Kahai’s EC 381 Applied Global Health Economic

    The committee was pleased with the progress of the course and voted to approve final payment of the grant.

    The committee discussed ways to collect more accurate data for designations (especially TRS and PL with dual designations).  There is a need to collect the data on TRS and PL courses that students are taking for core credit and for which designation they are fulfilling.  That data is hard to track, especially if those courses carry another core designation.    Every course that TRS teaches (with exception to 400 level courses) are core courses (it was clarified that this is not an issue with PL as every course is designated either PLVS or PLKR).  The director looking for suggestions on how to correct this issue.  The committee agreed they would invite the Chair of TRS to a meeting in November to discuss and hear what his recommendations may be. 

    CAPA (should we move toward all / more 3 credit CAPA courses) The committee agreed that the English Chair and Fine Arts Chair will be invited to a future meeting to discuss this.

    Review of the Strategic Plan

    T. Bruce indicated that this committee will be reviewing the strategic plan and they will be asked to comment on how it impacts the core.  This will be the topic of the October 12, 2020 core committee meeting.

    October 12, 2020

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designation:

    • ISJ for EC 165: Modern Rome in Lit and Film

    T. Bruce gave background on the strategic planning process; the university is seeking the core committee feedback. The committee will divided into two groups and asked to look at the plan and reflect on three questions:

    1.  strengths of the plan
    2.  what adjustments need to be made
    3.  is there anything missing? What else needs to be included?

    The committee divided into two groups via Zoom. Each group was asked to take and record notes that will be reviewed as a whole group during the next core committee meeting on October 26, 2020.

    October 26, 2020

    Ed Hahnenberg, Chair of TRS joined the committee for a conversation about TRS Designations.  The chair feels there is a real need for accurate data regarding why students are taking TRS courses (are they taking them for TRS credit or core credit for those courses that have a TRS designation and another core designation).  He met with the Registrar to discuss this prior to this meeting. It was determined that  E. Hahnenberg and M.Reynard met prior to this meeting to brainstorm some ideas on how to track this information. TRS will add a question on to all course evaluations asking the student which designation they are taking the course for. It was reiterated that this data is needed for core planning for each semester.   Committee agreed that this will be evaluated again in the spring.  Additional question was raised “why should TRS have the ability to have two designations and no other department?”  K.Tobey reminded the committee that TRS contributes heavily to the Core.

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • Capstone for  PO 430: IR @Bleeding Edge Imagine
    • EGC  PL XXX:  Philosophy of Blacks in Europe
    • EGC for EC 381: Applied Global Health Economic
    • SCI for PL 111

    The committee then moved to talk about the Renewal Process for those courses whose designation is expiring.   J. Kohan joined the committee and reviewed the OnBase applications for the renewal of designations process.    A question was raised about whether assessments can be linked to renewal forms.   It was indicated that results from assessment day on individual courses are not provided to the instructors; instead a suggestion was made that perhaps “general concerns” raised during assessment day can be listed on the applications.  The discussion then moved to the renewal of the distribution courses, which will all be for renewal in a few years.  J. Kohan will be working on those renewal forms in OnBase.

    November 9, 2020

    CAPA Credit Discussion: 1 vs. 3 credit courses:  M. Moroney (Chair of English) joined the committee for this discussion.  She indicated that if the CAPA 1 credit courses became CAPA 3 courses it might present a challenge with assessment.  The committee was reminded that the arts are an invaluable part of the Jesuit Heritage and a crucial part of the Core, even though it might not be represented accurately in the Strategic Plan.   Would the one-credit courses have the same learning goals as the three credit courses?  One-credit courses have a place in the curriculum; although three credit courses forces the students to do a deeper dive into the subject.  Questions were asked about assessment – what kind of data would the committee like to see; are the learning goals the same for the one credit vs. the three credit course; if CAPA goes to three credit courses will additional adjuncts be hired; and can FT faculty offer the one credit courses?  The CAPA director indicated most students like the one credit course and that the assessment for CAPA has changed –the students are now writing papers.   Another question that raised was that if the CAPA courses it could mean that students might graduate with too many credits and may pull out of “major” courses.   Could CAPA courses be offered as P/F, as it might minimize the student’s risk/GPA.  The director asked subcommittee to look at this.   The director of CAPA will head it and will include M. Marsilli, J. Feerick and T. Pace.  They will discuss with T.Bruce the assessment piece. 

    Discussion of moving core designations to the long title:  M. Reynard spoke about moving the core designation (a prefix) before the title of the course in Banner.  Students would then be able to see which courses carry what designations when putting course schedules together. This feature can be implemented by fall once the bulletin is live.  For the AW/OP/C courses, they are built into the Major and the Registrar will look at that.

    AW and Transcripts: C. DeMarchi voiced concern that the graduate schools (Med/Vet schools) look at students transcripts and do not see enough writing intensive courses. Some departments indicated that they write the school and indicated that other core-designated courses are writing intensive.  T. Pace indicated that he would work with C.DeMarchi on this and M. Nichols will send them the template letter that used in Chemistry. 

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course for Core Designation:  

    • IC 266: Contemporary Italy: Food, Security and Justice seeking ISJ


    December 7, 2020

    The Core Director started the meeting by thanking out going HUM Chair, Marcus Gallo for his service to the core. Rodney Hessigner will resume his AD position in Spring 2021 Semester, and Maria Marsilli will vacate the AD role and assume the HUM Chair.

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • SCI for EPA 407: Exercise Physiology
    • ISJ for PO 313: Politics of Wrongful Convictions 
    • Link for HS 336: The Holocaust/IC 350: The Holocaust in Literature

    Renewal Application Process: The renewal committees were formed to review all renewal applications; they will then make the recommendation to the full committee for a vote.

    Requirement Outside the Major:  The committee reviewed a possible change in requirement that the student will need to fulfill the distribution requirement outside of their declared major, this would expose the student to the true narrative of the distribution spirit.  Several points were made and the Committee felt they are not in a position to change this requirement yet.  They would like to look at some data points.


    January 25, 2021

    The Core Director welcomed back J. McBratney as Link director for the spring semester; R. Hessinger is returning to the committee in the capacity of AD; and M. Marsilli will now be HUM director. 

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • AW for DATA 470: Data Science Project
    • ISJ for HS 135: Frontier America

    JH-TRS Core Requirement Revision Proposal:  The committee reviewed the request of E. Hahnenberg of TRS to amend the TRS requirement to the following:  allowing students who take two higher level courses to count for their TRS requirement instead of one lower level and one higher level.  The core director indicated that if the core committee approved this proposal it would need to go to the full faculty for a vote.  The committee voted 11-0 to send this proposal to the full faculty for a vote.

    Writing across Carroll FY Experience Proposal: R. Hessinger reviewed this proposal that he, T. Pace and M. Moroney have started working on.  This proposal like to create a more coherent and intentional first year experience for our students, introducing them to writing and the college experience more generally through a 2-course sequence.  The committee discussed this proposal and stated it was interested in proposing this to the full faculty.

    February 8, 2021

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • C for MT 450: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
    • ISJ for PJHR 101: Intro to Human Rights
    • ISJ for HS 230: Intro to Human Rights  (renewal)
    • EGC for HS 283: Japanese Popular Culture (renewal)

    Long Description Discussion: B.Brossmann reviewed what the “long description” is: the core designation would appear before the course title in Banner. When students register for courses, they will be able to see the core designation with the title as opposed to searching for it. Registrar noted in an earlier discussion that the attributes AW/OP/C would not be included as they are major specific and departments want students to take those courses within in their own major, not across other departments. It was mentioned that JCU just purchased “degree works” to work within Banner so that it will be easier for students/advisors/registrar to see what requirements have been met. 

    Writing Across Carroll Update:  R.Hessinger reviewed the status of the proposal with the committee.

    March 1, 2021

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • AW for COM 304: Communication Research
    • C + OP for COM 490: Communication Capstone Alternative
    • AW for PJHR 400: Critical Inquiry
    • QA for Datat 122: Elementary Statistics (renewal)
    • QA for ED 101: Making Sense of Data (renewal)
    • QA for PS 105: Political Analysis (renewal)
    • QA for EC 210: Business Analytic Statistics (renewal)
    • ISJ for EN 283: Immigrant Literature (renewal)

    Linked Pair Discussion: the core director reiterated the need for linked pairs. 

    March 22, 2021

    OnBase Proposal: The director reviewed three scenarios from J. Kohan that would fix the issue of multiple files open. The committee wondered if there is a way that OnBase would time out after a certain period of inaction. The Director will speak to J. Kohan about this.

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • LINK for BL 137: Climate Change: Global Impacts/PO 295: Climate Law and Policy
    • ISJ for TS 337: Globalization, Theology and Justice
    • HUM for GR 209: German Cinema
    • C for TRS 493: Senior Seminar (renewal)
    • CAPA for EN 232 and EN 233 (renewal)
    • ISJ for ED 350: Multicultural Education (renewal)
    • HUM for GR 209: German Cinema
    • ISJ for HS 137: History of Medicine in America (renewal)
    • PS 497 – the instructor would like the OP designation for PS 497N be removed.  The designation is redundant for NS concentration students as BL 360 is a required course in the concentration and it has an OP designation.  Therefore, the OP designation for PS 497N is redundant as the course is only open to NS students and NS students already fulfill the OP designation with BL 360. 

    FY Experience:  R. Hessinger provided a follow up to the committee on his proposed FY Experience freshmen. The working FY group worked through three models, and in the end felt, that model three would deliver on the goal, and be cost neutral.  The next step in the process is to bring this model to the Provost and those at the top.


    April 12, 2021

    The Core Director gave an update on the director's position for the next AY year.  He indicated that the Dean will be interviewing candidates and that she would attend the next core meeting and make the announcement.  He also indicated that Jackie Schmidt would be assuming the OP director position for the next AY year.  

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • HUM for EN 277: Major American Writers
    • ISJ for EN 276:  Poverty in American Literature
    • CAPA for EN 133: Intro to Creative Writing (renewal)
    • CAPA for EN 131: Intro to Poetry Writing (renewal)
    • LINK for IC 208: Food for Soul and Soul Food/TRS 272: Soul Food (renewal)
    • ISJ for PO 103: Intro to International Relations (renewal)
    • ISJ for HS 343: Slavery and Abolition (renewal)
    • CAPA for ER 110:  Creative Problem Solving (renewal)
    • QA for ER 115: Quanitative Analysis in Science
    • EGC for HS 231/EN 299F: Peace Building after the Empire


    April 26, 2021

    The Dean from CAS joined the committee to make the announcement that P.Kvidera will be the next core director.  She thanked B.Brossmann for his service to the committee.   The director announced that M.Marsilli, M.Nichols, R.Clark and J.McBratney will also be stepping down from the committee this year.

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for Core Designations:

    • CAPA for FA 109E, 110C, 115, 112A, 105A/B (renewals)


    Assessment:  T. Bruce and committee reviewed the reasons for having assessment this year. T.Bruce indicated that there was no assessment last year due to the pandemic.  It might prove a bit difficult this year due to hyflex.  The committee indicated it didn’t want to fall out of the habit of holding assessment.  Discussion turned toward having assessment around hyflex.  It was indicated that there might not be enough data as there is only one semester that was hyflex and the data may not be available.  T.Bruce indicated that a group could still get together, look at core processes for improvement.  












    August 30, 2021

    New Core Director, P. Kvidera welcomed the committee to a new academic year. He introduced the new committee members.  

    Dean Gunzenhauser was introduced and she thanked the committee for all the work they did in the past AY. She outlined her goals for helping to market the core and will be working with M. Scanlon on this. Dean Gunzenhauser also was working through data from students on how the core has helped shaped their academic experience, and pushing out a message that the core is more than a checklist. 

    The Director outlined the committee's goals for the year, including the First Year Writing Experience and course renewals.  Another area of focus will the EGC and the Study Abroad experience.  


    September 27, 2021

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course renewals: 

    • COM 212: Basic Photography - CAPA (Turbett)
    • COM 345: Diversity in Media - ISJ (Beadle)
    • SC 380:  Environmental Justice - ISJ (Wiedenhoft Murphy)
    • CH 170: Chemistry of Poison/EN 240: Detective Fiction - Link (Bruce/Bruce)
    • HS 202:  History of the World Since 1500 – EGC (Gallo)
    • HS 251: Atlantic World to 1500/EN 225: Captives and Castaways – Link (Gallo/Feerick)
    • HS 201:  History of the World to 1500 – EGC  (Purdy)
    • TRS 351: Silk Road Religious – EGC (Nietupski)

    New Core Designations:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following new course:

    • HS 271: World Geography – EGC (Marsilli)

    The committee reviewed and approved the following core course enrichment grants:

    • G.Vourlojianis Request - $150 bus fees for trip to Kent State, for HS 265, Vietnam War (HUM)
    • P. Nietupski Request - $100 bus fees for trip to Maltz Museum, for TRS 352, Pilgrimage (EGC)


    October 11, 2021

    EGC Essay Option for Study Abroad 

    W. Simmons and L.Atkins joined the committee to talk about the Essay Option for Study Abroad Students to earn EGC credit. The Core Director indicated this discussion would continue, as a solution needs to be implemented by fall of 2022.

    Learning Community Discussion

    After discussion the committee voted to discontinue the learning community requirement for EGC.  There is a prompt in on the OnBase EGC application for instructors to illustrate how they will achieve integration.  On the new OnBase application for EGC, the instructor is required to submit a reading list that will show integration.  It was discussed that the learning communities can continue for anyone who wants to participate, it would not be mandatory. 

    Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course renewals:

    • SC 353: Latina/o Transnational Exp.  EGC (Vaquera)
    • CL 250: Classical Drama in English - CAPA (Compton-Engle)
    • TRS 322: Religious Enthusiasm/HS 240: Spiritual Awakenings in Early America – LINK (Tobey/Hessinger)
    • GEND 101: Introduction to Gender Studies – ISJ (Taylor)
    • IC 240: Gazing Women – ISJ (Casciani)


    October 25, 2021

    University Curriculum Committee Discussion:

    C. Bruce met with the committee to discuss the proposal of a University Curriculum Committee.  This idea came about during Spring Semester (2021) in CAP, and it now charged with creating such a committee.  The original charge of CAP was to continue review of curriculum of the university, department and Core Committee.  This new committee would review all new degree programs.  The structure of the committee would be faculty and ex-officio members., and possible four subcommittees: Boler Curriculum Committee, CAS Curriculum Committee, UDP and Core Committee. In reviewing software to support this committee (as a one stop workflow), the committee is recommending Course Dog.  It is currently being used by the Registrar’s office for scheduling and its workflow capabilities make it attractive.  If adopted, it would replace OnBase for core applications. 

    Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course renewals:

    • ER 120: Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship – ISJ (Greppin)
    • IC 122B:  Japanese Calligraphy – CAPA (Karolle-Berg)
    • IC 122C:  Japanese Ikebana – CAPA (Karolle-Berg)

    Core Course Enrichment Grants:

    • PL 204: Informal Logic – requesting $101.92 – prizes for 6th graders who participate with the JCU students in class – behavioral based
    • IC 208: Food for the Soul/TRS 272: Soul Food & Food for the Soul – requesting $1000 – Field trip to restaurant Empress Taytu
    • HS 240: Spiritual Awakenings/TRS 322: Religious Enthusiasm – requesting $160 for transportation fees to Kirtland Temple
    • SC 335/PL 389: Prisons and Human Rights – requesting $100 for speaker
    • EN 225: Captives & Castaways (Linked course) – requesting $150 for tickets and parking for production at Great Lakes Theater (Playhouse Square)

    After a review the committee voted to approve to fully fund all requests except (b), up to amount each requested.  Regarding (b), the committee voted to fund $150 for transportation, to be consistent with other requests.  This will leave a small amount in the budget in case the committee receives additional requests.


    November 8, 2021

    Conversation with President A. Miciak:

    A. Miciak joined the committee and spoke about how the Integrative Core fits within the University Strategic Plan, and how it is a distinctive part of the John Carroll University experience.   The core can help our students become the “employees of the future” by exposing them to courses not included in their major and connecting that subject with their intended major.   

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course renewals:

    • IC 163: Women in Italian Society – ISJ (Ferri)
    • EN 291: Environmental Lit/BL 137: Climate Change: Global Impacts – Link (Rosenthal/Johansen)

    Core Course Enrichment Grants:

    • EN 299E: Literature of Trauma (Linked) – seeking $80 for Immersive van Gogh Exhibit (for students researching van Gogh for signature assignment).  The director indicated that funds allocated for enrichment grants are almost used up; however there would be enough to fund this last one.  The committee voted to approve.

    EGC Update:

    The director had a conversation with the Dean of CAS about the essay option and the faculty who may oversee students with an EGC “course” to study abroad.  The dean couldn’t promise additional funds or a course release.   The comments from the committee were that they don’t want these students who study abroad to get a free pass for EGC (students have to complete the required courses for other Core classes), and that it is the committee’s responsibility to ensure that students are sufficiently meeting the EGC learning goals.   They asserted that the best way for students to meet the learning goals (including the emphasis on writing/writing process) is within the structure of a course. 


    December 6, 2021

    Core Course Renewals: 

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course renewal:

    • HS 211:  History of US to 1877 – ISJ (Gallo)

    New Core Designations:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for new core designation:

    • MT 251: Geometry EC and  MC Teacher– SCI (D’Ambrosia)
    • MT 444:  Elem Functions from ADV Persp – AW & OP (D’Ambrosia) 
    • GR 208: Rock Me Amadeus, German Music – CAPA (Karolle-Berg) 
    • IB 301:  Culture and Change – EGC (Simmons)


    January 24, 2022

    Possible Recruiting Sessions for Core Courses:

    With the need for more links and other designations due to early retirements, the Director would like to have some form of Core Designation Recruiting sessions with the faculty.  The director will be looking into this as well as to see if there are any natural synergies between the new programs/certificates that are being discussed.

    New Core Designations:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course for new core designation:

    • ISJ: HS 196: Health, Medicine and Society (Kugler)


    February 7, 2022

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for renewal:

    • PS 497N: Adv. Research Topics in Neuro. (Murphy) – Capstone
    • PJHR 299: Modern Social Problems (McAndrew) – ISJ
    • HS 338: War in Colonial American (Gallo) – HUM
    • HS 310: Women in Europe (Kugler) – ISJ


    February 21, 2022

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for renewal:

    • HS 330: Imperialism and Decolonization (Berg) – EGC 
    • EN 260: English as a Global Language (Duzdag) – EGC
    • HS175: Latin American Dictators (Marsilli) – ISJ

    New Core Designations:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for new core designation:

    • PO 201: Cleveland in the World (Ziemke) – EGC 
    • HS 144: History of the U.S. Presidency (McAndrew) – HUM 
    • EN 299: Art & Scope of the Beatles / FA 268: Musical Forms & the Fab Four (Pace and Caporella) – Link
    • CH 482: Inorganic Chemistry Lab (Kwan) - Capstone

    Other Business:

    Capstone Questions:

    • EC 499: the EC department is consolidating EC 499A (0 credits) and EC 499B (3 credits, which now has C/AW/OP designation) to one course: EC 499.  They asked to transfer the existing Core designation of EC 499B to EC 499.  The committee voted to approve.
    • PH 407 and PH 408: currently PH 407 has AW and OP but not C designation; PH 408 has C/AW/OP designation.  The department explains that the two courses are essentially the same course with the same requirements except PH 407 is offered in the Fall semester and PH 408 is offered in the Spring semester; therefore they requested that C designation be applied to PH 407 as well.  The committee discussed the matter and would like clarification on a couple issues: If students don’t complete their projects in 407 and continue to 408, how are they evaluated for 407?  Could a student who doesn’t complete their project in 407 still graduate without completing 408?  Because of these questions, no vote was taken at the meeting.  P. Kvidera will follow up with the PH department and report back.


    March 14, 2022

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for renewal:

    • HS 332: Berlin: From Reich to Republic (Berg and Sobisch) – EGC[renewal]
    • HS 279: Pre-Modern East Asian History (Purdy) – EGC 
    • CH 108: Introductory Chemistry by Inquiry and PH 108: Introductory Physics by Inquiry (Waner and PH dept.) – Link 
    • EN 299: Lit. of British Empire and HS 277: Empire of Paper (McBratney and Marsilli) – Link 

    Course Enrichment Grant Requests:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following course enrichment grant requests:

    • EN 222: Intro. to Shakespeare – HUM (request by Jean Feerick, for tickets and parking, Much Ado About Nothing at Playhouse Square)
    • EN 2680: Supernatural in Lit. – Link  (request by Yvonne Bruce, for pizza and movie, Titus Andronicus)

    Transfer credit policy: Jesuit Heritage (question from Registrar)

    M. Reynard requested clarification on whether the minimum of two courses in Jesuit Heritage required for transfer students can include courses in the same category or requires courses in two different categories. R. Hessinger said the idea behind the way the policy was written was to give transfer students maximum flexibility when coming in with 45+ credits.  But, he added, that the original intention was that students take courses in different categories. T. Bruce suggested the following wording, with a checklist to accompany:

    Students must choose at least two courses, one from each of the categories below:

    Lower-Division Theology & Religious Studies, 

    Upper-Division Theology & Religious Studies

    Philosophy Values and Society

    Phlosophy Knowledge and Reality, 

    Issues in Social Justice

    3-credit CAPA course

    Other Business:

    • Environmental studies. R. Hessinger – NEH planning grant due 9/1 – use for summer workshops. PJHR Gund foundation account, might be used for course development – linked courses focused on environmental studies.


    April 11, 2022

    New Core Designations:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for new core designation:

    • PL 495:  Senior Capstone – C (Spurgin)
    • CL 260: Homer & the Epics of Troy (Compton-Engle) & HS 296: Homer & (Pre)History (Kugler) – Link

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and approved the following courses for renewal:

    • HS 167: History of the Caribbean (Hessinger) - ISJ
    • LP 135: Leadership and Social Justice (O’Dell) - ISJ
    • HS 113: Saints and Scoundrels (Murphy) – ISJ
    • EP 201: How Things Work (Piracha) & ER 202: Creativity, Innovation: Science (Dermer) – Link
    • SC 255: Prejudice and Discrimination (Vaquera) – ISJ
    • PO 242: Politics of Social Justice (Peden) – ISJ


    April 25, 2022

    Composition of the Core Committee Discussion

    RH: at the beginning of the core, more personnel were needed to staff the committee; now it the core process is more streamlined and the committee knows what to look for, there isn’t as much debate on applications and policy. Is the size of the committee still appropriate, or should it be smaller, especially with the beginning of the University Curriculum Committee.   Perhaps the committee could be made up of 1 Jesuit Heritage Rep (ISJ, TRS, PL, CAPA); 1 writing director, 1 Integrated Course Rep. (EGC, Linked); 1 OP & Com; 1 QA Rep; 1 Lang Rep.  Ex Offico members could be an AD and rep from Registrar.   Discussion was that someone from the sciences need to be on, and that the integrated course is too important not to have a more global perspective.  Thoughts that UCC needs to be finalized first.  Questions that rose were: what happens to voting members; could CMLC and Global be combined into one category/rep.   Chair of TRS and PL would be invited when there are policy issues.   More discussion on this to come.

    Online Core Courses:  Boler is looking for online undergraduate degree.  Discussion as to whether there could be a rotation of routine core courses that be offered online. Committee members would like to know what the institutional priorities are. Online vs. in person? Are the courses a-synchronous or synchronous; language courses need to be in person; need the requirements spelled out for this type of degree.  More discussion on this in the future as needed.

    Core Course Renewals:

    The committee reviewed and voted to approve the following courses for renewal:

    • EN 251: Business Communications (AW/OP) – T. Pace
    • TRS 366: Social Justice and Economy (ISJ) – M. Wilson-Reitz
    • EN 2680: Supernatural in Literature/HS 223: History of Supernatural (Link) Y.Bruce/A. Kugler
    • EN 223: Dreamworlds: Utopia Then and Now – (ISJ) Feerick
    • COM 243: American Media/HS 214: 20th Century History – (Link) Beadle/McAndrew
    • HS 259: Women in the Contemporary World- (ISJ) McAndrew