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Courses are typically offered within a specific semester. Below is a schedule of course offerings, updated fall 2018.


Required Courses — All courses listed, and their prerequisites, must be taken (24 hours)




NP 501 Overview of Nonprofit Administration


EC 501 Economics for Nonprofit Managers




NP 575 Board and Executive Leadership


NP 595 Integrative Capstone Project


AC 572 Accounting and Tax Issues for Nonprofit Organizations


MHR 591 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility




NP 515 Leadership and Management


NP 540 Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators


Elective Courses — Select four courses (12 hours)




NP 520 Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations


NP 550 Public Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation for Nonprofits


NP 541 Advanced Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators


NP 555 Cultural Diversity




NP 563 Nonprofit Marketing


MK 521 Principles of Marketing




NP 504 Social Entrepreneurship


NP 570 Strategic Decision Making


NP 585 Legal Regulations for Nonprofits


MHR 588 Strategic Human Resource Management or


MHR 589 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

As Needed



NP 510 Internship in Nonprofit Administration


NP 530 Professional Communications for Nonprofit Administrators


NP 560 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis for Nonprofit Administrators *must complete if unmet Research Methods requirement*


NP 580 Independent Study

***Capstone Requirement (Complete to qualify for Capstone course)

  • Completed 24 credit hours prior to Capstone course
  • Complete at least 6 of the required courses (not including Capstone)
  • Be in good academic standing

A complete list of course descriptions can be found here.