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Theology & Religious Studies Minor

A minor in Theology and Religious Studies complements a wide variety of majors. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from courses in Scripture, the history of Christianity, theology, world religions, and religious ethics, among many other areas of study.

Core + 1 = TRS Minor

Maximize your Core with a TRS Minor. Interested in TRS but have a credit-intensive major? The TRS Minor may be a great option for you. Plan your Core program to maximize TRS coursework, and you can achieve the minor with only one additional course.

  1. One Jesuit Heritage lower-division (100-or 200-level) TRS course;
  2. One Jesuit Heritage upper-division (300-level) TRS course;

Three from the following:

  1. A 3-credit CAPA course in the TRS department;
  2. An EGC course in the TRS department;
  3. An ISJ course in the TRS department;
  4. LINK with a TRS component;
  5. A QA course in the TRS department


TRS 493 Senior Seminar, which caps off the TRS minor!

Program Highlights

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Become a TRS Minor!

If you're a current JCU student, stop by the department (in Admin B250) to explore how you can add a TRS minor to your undergraduate program. If you're a prospective student, call 216.397.4700 or email us to start designing your path through the TRS minor!

18 Credit Hours

The minor comprises 18 credits of coursework distributed across several sub-fields in TRS.

  • Three courses (9 credit hours), one each in three of the following areas:
    • History of Christianity/Sociology of Religions (TRS 220–229, 320–329, 420–429)
    • Religious Ethics (TRS 260–269, 360–369, 460–469)
    • Scripture (TRS 200–209, 300–309, 400–409)
    • Systematic Theology (TRS 230–239, 330–339, 430–439)
    • World Religions
      • Judaism (TRS 210–219, 310–319, 410–419)
      • Islam (TRS 240–249, 340–349, 440–449)
      • Asian Religions (TRS 250–259, 351–359, 450–459)
      • Interreligious Studies (TRS 350)
      • Two upper-division electives (TRS 300–499)
  • TRS 493
  • Senior Seminar

Courses in the Integrative Core Curriculum may be used to meet 200- and 300-level course requirements for the TRS minor.

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Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Certification of Religion Teachers

 A TRS minor may lead to initial certification as an elementary or high school teachers of religion in the Diocese of Cleveland. For details, visit the diocesan Office of Formation & Education website.


Theta Alpha Kappa

Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for religious studies and theology. Founded in 1976 at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY, to recognize the academic achievements of religion and theology students, the JCU chapter dates back to 2015. TRS majors and minors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 are eligible for induction into the JCU ΘAK chapter.