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Sophia Alberico - Tour Guide

Sophia Alberico '24

Hometown: Erie, PA
Major: Sociology and Criminology: Social Work, Community and Health

Abby Breen - Tour Guide

Abby Breen '24

Hometown: East Aurora, NY
Major: Communication

Ben Brucken - Tour Guide

Ben Brucken '24

Hometown: Copley, OH
Major: Sports Leadership

Sydney Burger - Tour Guide

Sydney Burger '25

Hometown: Twinsburg, OH
Major: Communication and Political Science

Nate Burkett - Tour Guide

Nate Burkett '25

Hometown: Parma, OH
Major: Sociology and Criminology and Political Science

Brianna Callow - Tour Guide

Brianna Callow '25

Hometown: McDonald, OH
Major: Political Science: Applied Politics

Mary Ciaccio - Tour Guide

Mary Ciaccio '26

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Management and Organizational Leadership

Dana Cohen - Tour Guide

Dana Cohen '24

Hometown: Twinsburg, OH
Major: Psychology

Caroline Coleman - Tour Guide

Caroline Coleman '26

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Finance

Dolan Davis - Tour Guide

Dolan Davis '26

Hometown: Mayfield, OH
Major: Finance

Jasleen Delgado - Tour Guide

Jasleen Delgado '25

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Education

Isidora Djukic - Tour Guide

Isidora Djukic '25

Hometown: North Royalton, OH
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Sydney Dyer - Tour Guide

Sydney Dyer '25

Hometown: Valley View, OH
Major: Finance

Tate Farinacci - Tour Guide

Tate Farinacci '25

Hometown: Chardon, OH
Major: Political Science

James Feeks - Tour Guide

James Feeks '26

Hometown: Medina OH
Major: Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Aaron Fernando - Tour Guide

Aaron Fernando '25

Hometown: Dublin, OH
Major: Biology

Josh Flesher - Tour Guide

Josh Flesher '26

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Payton Fogarty - Tour Guide

Payton Fogarty '25

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Adolescent/Young Adult Education

Lily Free - Tour Guide

Lily Free '24

Hometown: North Olmsted, OH
Major: Psychology: Child and Family Studies

Luis Gonzalez - Tour Guide

Luis Gonzalez '25

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Major: Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Ella Grashoff - Tour Guide

Ella Grashoff '26

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Major: Communication

Ricky Grasso - Tour Guide

Ricky Grasso '24

Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Major: Political Science

Kara Grose - Tour Guide

Kara Grose '25

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Communication

Tyler Habursky - Tour Guide

Tyler Habursky '24

Hometown: Erie, PA
Major: Management and Human Resources

Max Hanlon - Tour Guide

Max Hanlon '24

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Biology

Chad Harpster - Tour Guide

Chad Harpster '26

Hometown: Milford, MI
Major: Undecided

Aeneas Hines - Tour Guide

Aeneas Hines '24

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Communication: Digital Media

Aiden Hulseman - Tour Guide

Aidan Hulseman '25

Hometown: Solon, OH
Major: Computer Science and Data Science

Joseph Iberis - Tour Guide

Joseph Iberis '26

Hometown: Poland, OH
Major: Biology

Diona Johnson - Tour Guide

Diona Johnson '25

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Richard Jones - Tour Guide

Richard Jones '24

Hometown: Solon, OH
Major: Biology

Toby Jones - Tour Guide

Toby Jones '25

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Biology

Julia Kampas - Tour Guide

Julia Kampas '25

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Middle Childhood Education

Aiyanna Kehoe - Tour Guide

Aiyanna Kehoe '24

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Political Science

Maddie Laird- Tour Guide

Maddie Laird '24

Hometown: Cranberry Township, PA
Major: Education: Early Childhood

Adriane Lawes - Tour Guide

Adriane Lawes '25

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH
Major: Chemistry: Biochemistry

Matt Lyons - Tour Guide

Matt Lyons '25

Hometown: Franklin Park, PA
Major: Sports Leadership and Communication

Corrine Meldrum - Tour Guide

Corrine Meldrum '26

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Accountancy

Charlie Mitchell - Tour Guide

Charlie Mitchell '26

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major: Engineering Physics

Lily Noonan - Tour Guide

Lily Noonan '26

Hometown: Erie, PA
Major: Biology

Collin O'Bryan - Tour Guide

Collin O'Bryan '25

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Communication

Nicole Powers - Tour Guide

Nicole Powers '25

Hometown: Bedford, OH
Major: International Business with Language and Culture

Leah Pritchard - Tour Guide

Leah Pritchard '26

Hometown: Albion, NY
Major: Communication

Sarah Roehrs - Tour Guide

Sarah Roehrs '24

Hometown: Springboro, OH
Major: Chemistry: Biochemistry and Theology and Religious Studies

Maggie Rumelfanger - Tour Guide

Maggie Rumelfanger '26

Hometown: Hermitage, PA
Major: Political Science and History

Grant Sarnowski - Tour Guide

Grant Sarnowski '24

Hometown: Springfield, IL
Major: Finance

Ava Savarino - Tour Guide

Ava Savarino '25

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Chemistry: Biochemistry

Jake Scaffidi - Tour Guide

Jake Scaffidi '24

Hometown: North Canton, OH
Major: Sports Leadership: Athletics Administration

Adrienne Schupp - Tour Guide

Adrienne Schupp '24

Hometown: Mercer, PA
Major: Economics and Finance

Tour Guide Headshot

Lexi Shabazz '24

Hometown: Hudson, OH
Major: Early Childhood Education and Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Madison Shanahan - Tour Guide

Madison Shanahan '24

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Sociology and Criminology

Grace Sherban - Tour Guide

Grace Sherban '25

Hometown: Elyria, OH
Major: Communication: Digital Media and English: Professional Writing

Peyton Shorthouse - Tour Guide

Peyton Shorthouse '26

Hometown: Struthers, OH
Major: Biology

Mia Sirianni - Tour Guide

Mia Sirianni '26

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Finance and Marketing

Karie Stedman - Tour Guide

Karie Stedman '24

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Management and Human Resources

Samantha Stefancin - Tour Guide

Samantha Stefancin '26

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH
Major: Supply Chain Management and Managment & Human Resources

Paige St. Peter - Tour Guide

Paige St. Peter '26

Hometown: Amherst, OH
Major: Chemistry

Emma Traggiai - Tour Guide

Emma Traggiai '24

Hometown: Garrettsville, OH
Major: Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Michael White- Tour Guide

Mike White '25

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Major: Finance and Management and Organizational Leadership

Adrianna Zura - Tour Guide

Adrianna Zura '25

Hometown: Broadview Heights, OH
Major: Biology


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