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Nicole Spindler Beyond Life's Moments

Alumni Author Series - Beyond Life's Moments

Join Nicole Spindler '19 as discusses her book “Beyond Life's Moments,” which takes the readers on a journey of self-growth to learn how to thrive throughout and beyond life’s challenges or setbacks.

Alumni Author Series - Conscious Empowerment

Alumni Author Series - Conscious Empowerment

Leah Berdysz '17 discusses her book “Conscious Empowerment: A Guide to Helping Girls Build Self-Esteem and Confidence” which explores the intersection of race, culture, ethnic background, & socioeconomic status on the development of young girls.

Brian Polian

Alumni Author Series - Coaching and Teaching Generation Z

Coach Brian Polian '97 draws upon his 20+ years of coaching experience at the NCAA Division 1 level and shares ways to most effectively connect with, teach, and develop young people.

Books and Other Published Works by JCU Alumni

Retirement Book

Title: Retirement: Congratulations, You Have Been Promoted to CEO! The Habits of Highly Effective CEOs that are Necessary for Retiring Healthy, Wealthy, and Fulfilled!

Author: Terry S. Mulhern '89

Publisher: AmazonDate Published: 01/15/2021

About the Book: To have a fulfilling retirement, you need the trifecta of physical health, mental health, and financial health. To accomplish this, treat your retirement like a company that you will be the CEO of for over 20 years in retirement. - Never ever set it and forget it. Top CEOs hire the best people. It is their number one responsibility. The same is true with your retirement. Don't just read my book and expect changes. Utilize the Workbook that goes along with my book to actually make changes.


Alumni Author Series - Books Right


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