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Thursday, February 11 2021

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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Eric Eickhoff

Brian Polian is veteran coach in college football, having worked at the Div. I level for over 20 years.  His stops as an assistant include Michigan State, Buffalo, Baylor, UCF, Stanford, Texas A&M, and Notre Dame.  He also served as the head coach at the University of Nevada, Reno and led the Wolf Pack to two bowl games in four seasons and unprecedented academic success.  He is considered one of the top special teams coordinators in college football with his units appearing at or near the top of the national rankings multiple times throughout his career., Rivals, and 247 have also recognized him as one of the top recruiters in the country at the conclusion of various recruiting cycles.  He has served on the AFCA Ethics Committee and on the inaugural College Football Officials Competition Committee.  He completed his undergraduate studies at John Carroll University, and his graduate degree from Baylor University. 

In coaching vernacular, a relationship guy is someone who performs at their peak when they have meaningful relationships and bonds with the coaches they work with every day. In reality, this concept is not exclusive to athletics. All people have an inherent desire to be close to others. We are all relationship guys. Brian Polian has been coaching college football at the highest levels for over 20 plus years. He has traveled the country recruiting elite student-athletes and working with them on a daily basis in the highly competitive and pressure-filled world of college athletics. In that time, he has witnessed a dramatic shift in how best to effectively teach and develop young people. Generation Z is different from their predecessors and the failure to recognize that and to adjust will put any person that works with them at a disadvantage. In order to effectively teach or coach Generation Z, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with them must be the first priority. We have to honor the relationship before we can honor the task. Coach Polian draws upon his experiences and reflects on relationships being the greatest rewards in life, why they are so important to young people, identifying the building blocks of relationships, and how to build better ones with Generation Z. He examines honestly on the dynamics of diversity in working with today s student-athletes. The book also provides simple but effective ways to guide the giving and receiving of feedback and reminders of some of the characteristics that make Generation Z so unique. Finally, some of his mentors and valued peers from across the coaching profession share their observations as to the importance of building relationships with students and athletes. This book is not just for members of the coaching community. It can serve as a resource for teachers, employers, and even parents; for anyone that works to help young people develop and grow.

To purchase a copy of Brian's book, click here