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Our professors nurture curiosity and critical thinking through rigorous liberal arts coursework and hands-on instruction that emphasizes how, not what to learn. The Jesuit tradition of self-discovery, truth-seeking, and reason-based decision-making empowers students to become active learners in and out of the classroom, sparking a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

We practice and teach the Jesuit value of cura personalis--care for the entire person. Students learn to find common ground, value alternative points of view, and respect the needs and potential of all. These are essential skills for diverse workplaces and communities. Small classes and dedicated professors help students build relationships that continue after graduation. More than 100 student organizations, an expanding agenda for diversity and inclusion, and an award-winning alumni mentoring program introduce students to a network of fellow classmates, faculty and alumni invested in their success.

John Carroll’s commitment to developing inspired, well-rounded leaders extends beyond the classroom. Our students spend more than 130,000 hours a year supporting our surrounding neighborhoods through service projects and community outreach. Our Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA) coordinates service learning programs with more than 75 partners in the greater Cleveland area. Students see firsthand how civic engagement can make a difference in their local communities, while using classroom concepts to solve real-world challenges.

For nearly 400 years, the Jesuits have promoted the search for truth and the advancement of social justice—themes that continue to drive today’s corporate and civic dialog. John Carroll nurtures a greater sense of purpose and responsibility. We prepare students with the knowledge, relationships, and the foundation of ethics and integrity they need to make a real, positive impact. Our students recognize that the health of our communities requires strong civic participation and honest, dedicated servant leadership. And they are up for the challenge; in fact, more than 500 NE Ohio businesses are owned or led by John Carroll graduates.

André Alamina ’17, ’19G

André Alamina '17, '19G

Financial Analyst, Lubrizol
Co-Founder, TMM Media, LLC

“At John Carroll, I was challenged to find the bigger ‘why’ behind what I do.”

Zachary Thomas ’18

Zachary Thomas '18

Co-Founder & Program Director
Writers in Residence

“John Carroll taught me the power of creating a learning environment that values everyone’s human dignity.”

Bride Rose Sweeney

Bride Rose Sweeney '14

State House of Representatives
OH 14th District

“JCU is where I learned how to work harder and be more prepared. The foundation of service, ethics, and leadership helped me find my voice.”

George Sample

George Sample '02, '12G

Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

“John Carroll’s focus on how to care for and connect with others helped me transition from being a computer programmer to a leader in human resources.”

Eric Beck

Eric Beck, D.O., M.P.H. ‘04

Chief Operating Officer
University Hospitals Health System

“John Carroll is where I learned how to build something that can endure.”

Katie Gallagher

Katie Gallagher '03

Brooklyn, OH

“JCU is where I learned to love learning. It also taught me accountability, and how important relationships and giving back are to your success.”

Chad Miller

Chad Miller '00

University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Institute for Teacher Education

“At John Carroll, school wasn’t about finding the right answers. It was about asking the right questions and trying to understand why we believe what we believe.”

Kristin Warzocha

Kristin Warzocha '93

President & CEO
Greater Cleveland Food Bank

“We have a responsibility to make sure clients have the food they need. It’s a responsibility I learned at John Carroll.”

Dr. Michael Anderson ('86)

Michael Anderson, M.D. '86

Senior Advisor for Preparedness & Response
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

“JCU is where I learned how to learn and listen. It’s where I became a well-rounded physician before I ever attended medical school.”

Mary Ann Ahern

Mary Ann Ahern '76

Political Reporter
NBC5 Chicago

“JCU helped me recognize my inherent biases. My professors taught me how to search for the truth and go beyond the facts to the analysis.”

Bill O’Rourke (’70)

Bill O’Rourke '70

Merit Leadership, LLC

“JCU gave me the chance to learn how to lead before I had much experience as a leader; that gave me the confidence to willingly accept new opportunities throughout my career.”

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