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The Department of Political Science presents The 2015 Woelfl Seminar in Public Policy:

Knowable Peace: Adventures in Prosocial Cyberizing in Complex Conflict Zones

Speaker: Dave Warner, M.D., Ph.D. Thursday, March 26, 2015, 5:30 pm Jardine Room, D. J. Lombardo Student Center

Dave Warner is a medical neuroscientist who has gained international recognition for pioneering new methods of physiologically based, human-computer interactions. He is the Founder, CIO, and Director of Medical Intelligence at MindTel, a group that works to solve problems in communication, health care, and education. Dr. Warner’s research efforts have focused on advanced instrumentation and new methods of analysis applied to human-computer interaction. Dr. Warner has mapped interactive technologies to the human nervous system's capacity to assimilate and respond to information, which will fundamentally change the way that humans interact with information systems. His recent work focuses on delivering inexpensive comms, visualization, and decision support systems for responders in difficult settings such as refugee camps, disaster areas, and conflict zones.