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Dr. Brent Brossmann, Associate professor in the department of Communication, is the recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences’ 2021 Lucrezia Culicchia Excellence in Teaching Award

Students and colleagues alike praised Dr. Brossmann’s passion and motivation in each class. Many commented on his outstanding ability to make his courses relevant to the times, going out of his way to understand current events and trends and how they affect the given generation and changing culture. He is open to learning from his students just as much as his students learn from him.

According to one student: 

Brent Brossmann is a catch of a professor, and I recommend his courses to all students, not just communication majors, for he teaches in a way of service, inviting all students in his courses to engage, question, and grow.

Brent came to JCU as a strong teacher. In his third year at JCU (1995) he received the Outstanding New Teacher award from the Central States Communication Association for his excellence in teaching, and the Carroll News once awarded him their Editor’s Choice for “Best of JCU Teachers.” Throughout his career at John Carroll his teaching has only continued to excel, exemplified by receiving the Curtis Miles award in recognition of his creative approach of having JCU students teach advocacy to incarcerated youth. His students enjoy their classes with Brent and talk about his passion, ability to explain complicated concepts, and relate theory to real life.

Dr. Brossmann received his Ph.D. from Kansas University and joined the JCU faculty in 1993. His areas of specialization include sustainable energy policy, argumentative structures in marital relationships, and service-learning between JCU and the Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility.