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John Carroll University today announced the formation of two graduate-level communication certifications. The Content Marketing and Market Analytics certifications will be part of a projected three certificate series that will be stackable into a Master’s degree in Communication from John Carroll.

Each program will consist of three seven-week courses, totalling 9 credit hours, and can be completed in about six months. 

The Content Marketing certification is designed for students who want to expand their understanding of content creation and explore a range of tools and strategies for generating brand awareness, increasing audience engagement, and creating effective communications across emerging media channels and platforms. Students will examine the fundamentals of branding, storytelling, copywriting, design, and production to better understand the foundations of content creation across media. This certification will consist of three courses: Branding and Content Strategy (3 credits), Digital Brand Storytelling Through Content (3 credits), and Writing Across Platforms (3 credits). 

The Market Analytics certification provides students with an opportunity to deepen their digital marketing knowledge in a rapidly changing world. The program’s unique curriculum extends beyond theoreticals and into practical knowledge and skills to collect, parse, visualize, and analyze marketing data. Students will gain hands-on experience in obtaining consumer insights, applying marketing analytics tools and practices, and transforming data insights into optimized marketing strategies. This certification will also consist of three courses: Introduction to Applied Data Analytics (3 credits), Digital Marketing Analytics (3 credits), and Market Research and Analysis (3 credits).

Visit the Content Marketing Certificate or Market Analytics Certificate website for more information or to apply.

Please direct any questions to the program’s coordinator, Dr. Margaret Finucane, at