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UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, OHIO – A message to Notre Dame College students, families, faculty, staff, and alumni on behalf of John Carroll University:


We are deeply saddened by Notre Dame College’s announcement of their upcoming closure. Our deepest condolences are with all who love this institution, which has served a mission of Catholic higher education in our community for more than a century. 


We have entered into an agreement with NDC to serve as a teach-out partner. For all students who qualify, John Carroll University is standing by to offer automatic admission, no lost credit, and net price matching. 


As you know, a shuttle bus is already running each and every day between the NDC and JCU campuses, allowing NDC students to easily access JCU as they explore a transition to this community. Our goal is to offer you a personalized transition to JCU with as little disruption as possible to your remaining days at NDC.


Additional details will be coming in the following days, but we can make one simple promise to NDC students right now: we’re committed to securing your future as a college graduate, welcoming you into JCU’s phenomenal network of conscientious students, faculty, staff and alumni, and doing everything in our power to make your transition seamless.


Bonnie Gunzenhauser

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs


Naomi Sigg

Vice President for Student Experience and Campus Belonging

Carolyn Noll Sorg

Vice President for Enrollment Management