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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Student Welcome And Transition (SWAT) Leader for the incoming class of 2027! There are two primary goals for SWAT Leaders:

1) During Streak week, SWAT leaders will help to make our first year students’ transitions from home to JCU as smooth and enjoyable as possible by facilitating small group meetings and leading various activities.

2) Throughout the fall semester, SWAT Leaders will serve as peer mentors in a designated Advising for Success or College Compass classroom. They will work with students for 1 to 2 hours each week by leading small group activities, sharing their own experience, and offering guidance on study skills, time management, semester and career path planning, and life beyond the classroom.

Please note that SWAT Leaders will be paid a $500 stipend for serving in this new and important role, in addition to other benefits.

Please read the rest of the information below carefully before you complete an application. It is essential that SWAT Leaders are available during the dates and times listed below, so please consider your summer schedule when applying. It is especially important that you are available during the week of August 21, 2023, as this week includes mandatory SWAT Leader training and Streak Week (fall orientation). More specific information regarding dates and times will be sent to you during the summer. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Kyle O'Dell, Senior Directof of Student Engagement, at Thanks again for your interest in being a SWAT Leader - we really appreciate your commitment to our campus and your future classmates!

** Please note that Resident Assistants are not eligible to apply. 




  • Motivated, energetic, positive student who can positively represent JCU;
  • Enrolled full-time as a rising sophomore, junior, or senior;
  • Has spent a minimum of 2 semesters as a full-time student at JCU;
  • Available to work late August - late November on all mandatory dates (including during Streak Week);
  • Once classes start, mentors will be expected to work approximately 1-2 hours weekly including attending class meetings and responding to messages from new students;
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA before starting the role;
  • Active engagement in student activities around campus;
  • Excellent communication skills; and
  • Ability to discuss a variety of topics, including: health and wellness; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; time and stress management; academic planning through Degree Works; and campus resources.



  • Attend and fully participate in SWAT Leader training on August 22/23;
  • Be present at all designated Streak Week activities during the week of August 21, 2023; and
  • Attend all designated class meetings for Advising for Success or College Compass.


  • Respond to all communications from your assigned staff supervisor in an appropriate and timely fashion; 
  • Respond to all communications from your assigned students in an appropriate and timely fashion; and
  • Communicate professionally with incoming students as well as with JCU faculty and staff.


  • Attend SWAT Leader training August 22/23;
  • Attend Streak Week social events and activities from August 23 - 26;
  • Facilitate small group meetings for your assigned students;
  • Be available for your small group during breaks and free time periods;
  • Communicate updates and other information to your assigned students; and
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by Student Engagement staff.


  • Prior to the semester starting, communicate with the instructor of your assigned Advising for Success or College Compass class to make plans for the course and your role;
  • Attend all Advising for Success or College Compass class meetings for your group;
  • Facililitate conversations with your assigned students abour various facets of campus life; 
  • Communicate information and university updates to your assigned students; 
  • Respond to questions from your assigned students within 48 hours; and
  • Meet with an assigned staff mentor each month for guidance and feedback.


  • $500 stipend, with payment spread throughout the fall semester;
  • Be allowed to move-in to your residence hall room early (value of $20 per day);
  • Receive complimentary meals during training sessions and Streak Week before meal plans start; and
  • Receive three free t-shirts

*In order to serve in the SWAT Leader role, your schedule must allow you to regularly attend an assigned Advising for Success or College Compass class.

**PLEASE NOTE that all SWAT Leader applications are due by 11:59p on Friday, March 31.

Click here to access the 2023 SWAT Leader application!

Questions? Contact Kyle O'Dell, Ph.D., Senior Director of Student Engagement, at