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Students will find a variety of resources on campus to make their undergraduate college experience successful.

  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides accommodations and support for students with disabilities. Our goal is to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to competitively pursue a college education. Types of Disabilities may include: Medical/physical (e.g., cerebral palsy, cancer, traumatic brain injury); Sensory (e.g., hearing or visual impairment); Psychological (e.g., ADHD, Asperger’s, Depression); Learning (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia).
  • Learning Commons is a collaborative learning center in our library that offers free tutoring and peer-led study tables, résumé help, study skill workshops, and a variety of other fun and interactive programs to support your academic and career development.
  • Individual or group tutoring can be arranged through the Psychology department office.
  • The Counseling Center has counselors available to meet on an individual basis with students seeking help. The student seeking counseling can talk confidentially about anything that is on his or her mind. Students seek counseling to deal with a wide variety of concerns including but not limited to: stress, anxiety, sadness, grief, family difficulties, relationships, self-esteem, academic difficulties or eating problems.
  • The Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion coordinates opportunities to challenge and promote a just community that encourages and values the contributions and perspectives of all students.
  • The Violence Prevention & Action Center has information about self-care, helping friends and reporting information.
  • The Title IX office ensures that if discrimination based on sex occurs, John Carroll University will take immediate action to end the discrimination, remedy its effects, and prevent its future recurrence.
  • Graduation information for the College of Arts and Sciences: application information, required forms, and deadlines
  • JCU Mentoring Network – connecting students & alumni

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