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Real-World Experience

While having an internship is not a requirement of the TRS, many of our students complete at least one internship during their four years at John Carroll. Student interns work at local churches, schools, and other not-for-profit organizations. Many students get job offers as a result of their internship work.

We’ll work with you to customize an internship experience to meet your goals.

Connected to a City of Opportunities

At JCU, you’ll be well-prepared for the real world. As a small liberal arts university located in a major U.S. city, we’ve created opportunities to ensure you have access to the undeniable advantages that Cleveland offers.

The religious communities in the Cleveland area are diverse and strong. Northeast Ohio boasts thriving, engaged communities of nearly every religious tradition. Pairing these communities with our Jesuit tradition presents great opportunities. Students can build relationships with the people in the community, discover their needs, and then find ways to meet those needs through service and other activities. Through service-learning courses, they are able to connect this service back to their classroom learning, integrating real-life situations into their discussions. You may work with area inner-city schools, healthcare facilities, juvenile detention centers, refugee resettlement agencies, or other social-action organizations.

You’ll also benefit from our vast alumni network in these communities. JCU alumni are involved in nearly every Catholic parish or school in the area, along with numerous Jewish community centers and other schools.