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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio offers a four-year Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN). You will graduate with well-rounded core knowledge and critical thinking skills, along with state of the art clinical training across the region’s three major healthcare systems.

Inspiring Ohio’s Nursing Future

Join a Cohort of Nurse Leaders

  • Mission-Driven
    As a premier Jesuit institution, John Carroll University brings a mission-driven response to a regional and national need for highly-trained and resilient nurses.
  • Future-Proof
    Your BSN ensures lifelong advancement and career mobility. The BSN program can lead to advanced clinical specialty and practice, or future promotion as a clinical administrator, nurse educator, or researcher. Many of our BSN graduates will likely continue on to graduate nursing study and careers in research, administration, and education.
  • Well-Rounded
    BSN program graduates from John Carroll will apply deep core knowledge — theology, philosophy, humanities, sciences — and embrace the complexity of clinical decision-making in an age of evidence-based and data-driven care.

Three Learning Paths to Become a Nurse

You will grow into your skills and confidence as a nurse with the help of seasoned faculty and alongside peers. The journey follows three learning paths: lectures, labs and clinical experiences.

  • Nursing Lecture
    Claim your foundational critical thinking and nursing practice knowledge in lectures such as the research focussed Knowledge and Scholarship for the Nursing Discipline. You’ll learn how to translate new nursing knowledge into practice to improve patient health.
  • Nursing Lab
    Your Health Assessment for Reduction of Risk Potential lab sharpens your ability to connect patient history, vital signs, documentation, and head-to-toe assessment — basic and vital tools that become more important as patients present with multiple concerns and encounter times become shorter.
  • Nursing Clinical
    Obstetrics, Immediate Newborn Care, and Pediatrics offers a mix of hands-on instruction and simulated experiences focusing on the clinical role of nurses in reproductive care, childbearing and pediatric development.

Why John Carroll University for Your BSN?

Cleveland enjoys a global reputation for clinical excellence, game changing research and successful patient outcomes. You will gain unmatched clinical experience across the region’s three major healthcare systems (Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and MetroHealth). 

Fact: Cleveland ranks third among US Cities for patient satisfaction (Source: Medbelle’s Best Hospital Cities Rankings)

As a BSN student, you will benefit from core, integrative and experiential learning. JCU’s liberal arts foundation will give you a firm grasp of bioethics and decision-making in a fast-changing clinical world. Beyond your first placement, the BSN shapes your ongoing professional and lifelong nursing practice. Early exposure to bioethics, and data-driven clinical decision-making practices will shape your habits and thinking as future-minded clinicians.

Fact: More than 500 JCU alumni from 32 academic areas help to advance medical research, practice and care at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

Your BSN degree from John Carroll will give you a number of distinctions and advantages including higher pay, improved job security and premium placements in the nation’s best hospitals. The BSN allows you to specialize in areas like pediatrics, geriatric care, oncology, hospice nursing, and other higher-paid bachelor of science in nursing careers.

Fact: The Institute of Medicine has set a goal of increasing the ratio of nurses earning their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to 80% percent.

With a BSN degree from John Carroll, you can pursue careers at American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet-designated hospitals, the gold standard for nursing practice. Magnet hospitals look to hire BSN nurses trained to not only take the lead on patient care but to drive institutional health care change and innovation.

Fact: The percentage of nurses holding the BSN at America’s Magnet-designated hospitals stands at 59% compared to 34% of nurses holding the BSN at other hospitals. (Source: American Nurses Credentialing Center.)

Studies find higher resilience and job satisfaction among BSN credentialed nurses, especially those trained at faith-based colleges and universities. As a Jesuit institution, John Carroll will support your total well being: academic, emotional, and social. From that solid beginning, you will be empowered to address larger challenges, such as discrepancies in health outcomes across patient segments and help ensure better health for all. 

Fact: All John Carroll nursing students will be invited to lift up human dignity through service-based learning experiences close to campus, and through such opportunities as our annual Honduras medical immersion trip.

John Escano '13

John Escano, ’13

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Independent Contractor, Charleston WV

It’s important to remember that nursing is not a “job”, it’s a profession. Your career possibilities are endless. Research, entrepreneurship, policy, administration. I took my two loves - chemistry and nursing - and put them together to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Technology is changing everything. The electronic health record allows data to drive better patient care. It can be as global as how hospitals manage bed flow and as granular as matching a patient’s anesthetic plan to a genetic profile. Clinical competence and technology will only become more and more synonymous.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Highlights

As a Jesuit-inspired, liberal arts university, John Carroll welcomes students of all faiths and emphasizes personal formation (academic, emotional, spiritual) based on critical inquiry and character building.

Our whole-person approach equips JCU nursing graduates with qualities and inner resources that carry you far beyond vocational training. We inspire you to have an outsized impact at the bedside — improving patient outcomes/safety. We prepare you for leadership roles in hospital management, clinical innovation and health policy.

John Carroll University Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN) has received approvals from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). Provision approval/accreditation from the Ohio Board of Nursing begins a formal process to full accreditation. Accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) will follow upon graduation of our first cohort. 

Long before the launch of our BSN degree, John Carroll graduated students who went on to pursue nursing careers. JCU alumni work in many settings: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Physician Offices, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Healthcare, Outpatient Care Centers, Veterans Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals, and Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Alumni Across The Region Map

Nursing Program Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.