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Wednesday, September 14

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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“Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW” is a collection of essays by 28 authors where each essay offers a unique “call to action” to enable the world to be ready for female leadership. Rosemary M. Amato, Class of 1974, is one of those authors. You may wonder why another book is needed on female leadership.  Despite research showing the benefits of a balance of feminine and masculine leadership qualities, action is still required to get the topic off the table and into our workplaces and communities. We all must change and adjust at work - individually, in teams, as leaders, and in organizations. Rosemary will share her unique “call to action” and provide insights into the other topics presented in the book which include emotional/data/financial intelligence, mentoring/sponsoring, networking, career and men as allies.

Hosted on the Zoom platform. For questions, contact Eric Eickhoff at or 216.397.3061.