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Event Details

Thursday, February 29 2024

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Bahá’í Faith Community of Greater Cleveland and the Tuohy Center for Interreligious Understanding invite you to this interactive seminar about the Bahá’í religion's understanding of racism and how to heal it by way of fostering a universal spirituality that believes in one human race. 

"Racism is a disease. Seemingly impossible to uproot, easily spread, and inflicting harm in so many ways including physically, emotionally, psychologically and economically just to name a few. But when looking at all the pernicious effects of racism, is it possible we are missing the underlying spiritual dimensions to this disease? And as such, are we overlooking possible solutions to this seemingly intractable problem?

To truly heal from a physical ailment requires addressing underlying factors, to look at what caused the hurt and to fortify ourselves to prevent re-injury. Could we use a similar process to heal from the spiritual disease of racism? And what is required to heal from a disease that affects every corner of our society? What is required for true and lasting transformation? Part of the work of healing calls on us to recognize our inherent nobility as human beings. Yet this disease seeks to remove us from our true station. So how can we help ourselves and our communities to realize our nobility? How might the practice of spiritual qualities such as love, patience, humility, forgiveness, and justice help strengthen ourselves and build a more equitable society free of this disease?

Come join a different kind of conversation – one that welcomes every perspective in a search for the truths that unite us all – as we discuss the spiritual perspective offered by the Bahá’í Teachings on the role of spirituality in eliminating racism. Join us for a lively discussion as we explore how we can move towards achieving racial unity, focusing on healing from the spiritual disease of racism, as individuals and as communities."

This event is free and open to the public. Pizza and light refreshments will be served.