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Event Details

Sunday, October 15 2023

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Teiku (a Talmudic acronym meaning “unanswered question”) is a jazz band that reframes ancestral Jewish melodies unique to various families and communities. Co-leaders pianist Josh Harlow and drummer Jonathan Barahal Taylor built the project on the foundation of their Jewish-Ukranian ancestors’ Passover songs – songs specific to each respective family that have been passed down aurally since their emigration. With these simple vocal melodies as source material, Teiku spins together multi-layered compositions and improvisations that feel right at home in a Creative Music environment, both sonically and spiritually.  Creative Music involves the continuous process of self-interrogation and reflection in the search for truth, recognizing inspiration, and sharing that adventure with others through art in order to express love; the band pulls from that tradition, also introducing their perspective as Jewish-Americans in today’s world.

Teiku’s music surges forward with ruach, a powerful spirit that’s an integral part of both jazz and Jewish culture. At its most raucous moments and its quietest, that ruach is always there, running parallel and intertwining with Creative Music’s rich tradition. Their current lineup also embraces this positively volatile and adventurous nature. On this tour the two co-leaders are joined by Jaribu Shahid (an acolyte of Sun Ra and Roscoe Mitchell) and Rafael Leafar (a collaborator with the likes of Reggie Workman and Bob Hurst). Together, the four musicians will explore unanswered questions – about identity, heritage, and more – in the best way they know how: together, without words, and processing what’s come before them while simultaneously looking towards the future.