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100% of all donations to the Carroll Cares Emergency Relief Fund will enable the University to better support the mid-March move of all courses and student support online. All gifts to the Emergency Relief Fund will be used to address immediate unexpected and unbudgeted needs, such as:


Technology support, software enhancements, and licenses for online remote learning. All JCU faculty moved their courses online between March 5-11, 2020, which required:

  • Purchasing new web Zoom software and expanding licenses to deliver courses online for students, as well as continuing operations of the University.
  • Hiring of experts to train faculty on new technologies for online course delivery and student interaction.
  • Purchasing computers or web hot spots for the highest need students - who did not have any access to laptops, computers or internet - so they could continue their studies.
  • Upgrading computers or web hot spots for some faculty to deliver high-quality online course content.


Providing staff with additional resources to move Student Support 100% online by March 16, 2020, including the following programs:

  • Campus Ministry
  • Career Center
  • Center for Service and Social Action
  • Counseling Center
  • Health & Wellness Center
  • Library & Learning Commons
  • On-Campus Food Bank
  • Writing Center and Tutoring
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