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The JCU Construction Department serves construction and renovation needs across campus. Projects range in size, scale, and scope of work. Larger projects will typically employ an independent Construction Manager or lead General Contractor. Smaller projects are handled 100% in-house with individual contractors, purchase orders for materials, and managed by one of the Project Managers. Selection of project contractors/vendors and companies, as well as architects and consultants, is done on an individual basis in a variety of methods to suit the project. Most often the sealed lump-sum bid method is employed.

Contractors and vendors are pre-qualified and those new to work at JCU are encouraged to complete and forward the Contractor Pre-Qualification Form via email to

The form of contract is typically an AIA Standard contract with supplemental conditions to suit the University’s needs and a given project. All contractors must carry the following insurances: Comprehensive Commercial General Liability, $1 million each occurrence, $1 million personal & advertising injury, $2 million products & completed operations aggregate and $2 million general aggregate; Comprehensive Business Automobile liability insurance combined single limit $1 million per accident; Workers’ Compensation insurance in accordance with laws of the State of Ohio, Employers’ Liability insurance not less than $500,000 each accident for bodily injury by accident, $500,000 policy limit for bodily injury by disease, $500,000 each employee for bodily injury by disease; Umbrella Liability insurance of $5 million; and Professional Liability insurance $5 million. Before commencing work, the selected firm shall furnish a certificate of insurance showing that the above insurance is in force, and listing John Carroll University as an additional insured where applicable.

JCU employs a variety of contractors and vendors all suited to handle specific project tasks or requirements. JCU encourages the use of minority and female owned businesses and also encourages the use of minorities and females for the on-site work force.
All contractors working on-site must adhere to project-specific rules and University protocol. In addition all contractors must maintain a current University Heights license and be responsible for project permits required by law and the City of University Heights. Those unfamiliar with University Heights are encouraged to visit their website or call the UH Building Department at 216-932-7800. The UH Building Department also sets specific working hours, rules, and regulations so all contractors must familiarize themselves with this criteria prior to starting work on a project.

Contractors must recognize that JCU students, faculty, staff, and administrators come first at all times and that working situations must always be situated in light of this fact when bidding and planning of work in conjunction with working with the Facilities Department at JCU. Interface on-site often times includes facilities staff and personnel, the Office of Residence Life, faculty, Campus Safety Services, the local UH Building Department, and/or local UH Fire Department.

JCU prides itself on providing first class amenities on our campus to all of our constituents. We look forward to working with you on a project in the near future, either as an internal customer and/or as external contractors/vendors.

Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction Office

This office is located in Room 06 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center.