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The primary purpose of the Committee on Research, Service and Faculty Development is to promote, foster, and encourage research, publication, and quality teaching by directly assisting faculty research and development.  The Chair of the Committee may approve internal grant requests of $300 or less while Committee approval is necessary for larger amounts.  The Committee reviews and makes recommendations for several internal awards, such as the Grauel Faculty Fellowship Award and the Summer Research Fellowship Award.

Committee Chair:  Rebecca Drenovsky, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting)

Committee Members:

  • Mary Beadle (COMM)
  • Charles Donou-Adonsou (EC/FN)
  • Roger Purdy (HS)
  • Nlandu Tamba (PL)
  • Debby Rosenthal (EN)
  • Gloria Vaquera (SC)
  • Mariah Webinger (AC)