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Below are a list of students who are currently HRT Certified.

Health Relationship Topics

Abby Birch '24 Ali Brown '25 Allison Burrows '24 Bridget McCourt '24 Caroline Padden '25 Cherelle Simmons '25 Elina Riley '24 Isidora Djukic '25 Jenna Kelly '25 Julia Difranco '24 Katie Benaquista '24 Lauren Hoffman '24 Leah Harrigan '25 Lily Free '24 Lindsay Carr '25 Maya Kumar '24 Meghan Maselko '24 Molly Maselko '24 Morgan Anderson '25 Sarah McAllister '24 Veronica Mikhail '25  

*If you feel that you have met the requirements, but are not listed above, please contact

You must complete all three programs below.

Bystander 101

All first year students are invited to complete this training in the second semester.  This training goes over the role of being a bystander in preventing sexual assault, including specific strategies of helping and scenarios you might encounter.

Consent is Sexy (and Necessary)

An important part of any relationships is consent, and in this program we don't only talk about consent, but how we can more effectively communicate what we need to others


When do we know when we are ready for a relationship?  When is it even defined as a relationship?  In this program we tackle questions we often as like "What are we?" and talk about getting over the fear of talk about what you want out of a relationship, so you can have the relationship of your dreams.

You must complete 2 of any of the following programs.

Bystander 201

Many students have asked more a more in depth look at being a bystander.  In this program we talk about the key roles in situations such as being a sober monitor or a bartender.  We also discuss what to do when you're not sure what the right choice is and encouraging others to be active bystanders.

Survivor Support 101

Handling disclosure of sexual assault from a peer or loved one can be a lot to handle.  In this program we will help you feel ready to handle these conversations and be able to provide the right resources.

Survivor Support 201

This program builds on 101 and goes more in depth with the effects of trauma as well as how to continue to be supportive of those around you, even past their disclosure.


You deserve to be loved in the way that works best for you.  In order for this to happen we must not only know where our wants and needs come from, but learn how to talk about them and communicate that to others.

One Love Escalation Training 

Escalation is a film that honestly and compellingly tells the story of an abusive relationship –– from its sweet beginnings to the tragic end. The authentic depiction of unhealthy behavior escalating into violence helps you understand and recognize the early signs of relationship abuse. The 40-minute screening is followed by a guided discussion.

Let's Stay Friends...or Not

Sometimes relationships last forever, and sometimes there comes a time for people to part.  This program goes over how to handle break-ups while respecting everyone involved.

Self Sabotage

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!  In this program we learn how to get our of our own way when it comes to relationships

Conflict Management

In this program we will go over why conflicts arise, how to avoid them, and know whether the conflict is worth the fight.

Truth Hurts

Unfortunately, in life we will not always get what we want.  When these moments of friction come up it can hurt!  We will talk about how to avoid negative self-talk and manage our emotions and thoughts.

Creating Safer Environments

Environments have big impacts on our behaviors and attitudes.  When we invite people into our events or parties we have to take responsibility for how we influence people and what happens in our space.  This event takes a look at how we can create environments that are safer, specifically regarding sexual misconduct.

How to get your organization certified

You must have 75% of organization must be HRT certified and your executive board must meet with a member of the Wellness Office to talk about how your organization is furthering our effort on campus to promote healthy relationships and prevent sexual misconduct.

If you feel your organization meets these requirements, please send your roster to for verification and to set up a meeting!

How do I get re-certified

If you were previously certified, then in the next year you must continue some education the topic, but that education does not need to be through our office.  This can be a lecture on campus, a class you took, or a documentary you watched, for a few examples.  Before the end of the year, you must also submit this reflection below on your educational opportunities.

HRT Re-Certification Form