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The Campus Colleague Program Description

The Campus Colleague Program is a Staff Council run program that matches an existing employee who has at least one year of service at John Carroll University, with a new employee for a period of 3 months.  The goal of the program is two-fold:

  • To welcome new employees and provide them with a point of contact for general inquiries regarding day-to-day aspects of working at the University.
  • To help new employees acclimate to the culture at John Carroll University and reduce any uncertainty that comes along with a new job.

Why do we have the Campus Colleague Program?

Assigning a colleague to a new employee provides the new employee with a valuable resource, aids in early engagement, and helps affirm their decision to join the University.

Campus Colleague Requirements

  • Meet the new employee within their first week
  • Take the new employee to lunch within a couple weeks of hire date ($5 Friday if possible)
  • Follow up with the new employee on a periodic basis. This can include meeting for lunch, brief chats, accompanying them to a meeting, etc.

 Campus Colleague Guidelines

  • Your contact information will be provided to the new employee on or about his/her first day
  • Help the new employee integrate with the University in regards to culture, norms, and expectations.
  • Make introductions and help establish a network
  • Establish rapport and provide open, positive communication, respecting confidentiality
  • You may provide continued support beyond the initial 3 months if desired by both you and the employee.

A Campus Colleague is NOT intended to be a mentor or a manager.  A formal mentor is typically someone who is more involved with the overall development of an individual personally and professionally.  A manager is responsible for the employee’s job performance and development and has the ability to resolve work-related issues.

Who Benefits from the Campus Colleague Program?

  • The New Employee – knowledge, support, networking, smoother acclimation
  • The Campus Colleague – engagement, leadership, networking
  • The University – employee retention, engagement, communication

Campus Colleague Program Description (printable page)