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Why Honors?

The JCU Honors Program offers students a mix of tangible and intangible benefits. We are looking for intellectual risk takers -- women and men who are eager to step outside their academic comfort zone and wrestle with topics and activities that challenge their assumptions. Honors classes are not more difficult than conventional courses, but they are focused on active participation, unconventional methods, diverse sources of information and opinion, and fearless inquiry. The JCU Honors Program is a community of learners and educators who take risks in and out of the classroom.


Students in the JCU Honors Program receive:


  • The Honors Book Award: all materials in honors courses are provided free of charge;

  • Priority registration: students register for classes a full day before those in their cohort;

  • An innovative curriculum: smaller, honors-exclusive courses in the “Jesuit Heritage” part of the JCU core curriculum;

  • The opportunity to live with other honors students for up to two years in a living-learning residential community in Dolan Hall, JCU's newest residence hall (opening fall 2022);

  • The Honors Pathway Award: Financial support for transformative experiences like study abroad, immersion trips, and unpaid internships;

  • Participation in a community of students and faculty;

    • An Honors Student Association that plans on-and-off-campus activities like sporting events, film screenings, and museum visits. Also, student mentors who help first-years navigate the Honors Program, meet people, and acclimate to John Carroll more generally.

    • a dedicated cohort of faculty who design innovative courses and mentor students through their senior-year capstone experience.

  • Our graduates go on to successful careers in every imaginable field, especially medicine, law, business, and education. (See chart below)


Honors Alumni Career Chart
JCU Students

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