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Congratulations to Mary Rose Flynn, winner of the 2019 Roderick Boyd Porter Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a John Carroll student who demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the Humanities. The Porter committee found that Mary Rose demonstrates an excellence and understanding of the humanities that other students can aspire to. 

Dr. Philip Metres, chair of the Porter Committee, noted that Mary Rose was able to navigate between her love of the Humanities and her passion for social justice. In her interview, Mary Rose said that the Humanities assist us in the pursuit of beauty and higher truths, and also remind us of the dignity of the individual and the need to improve our society to care for those individuals: "sciences may keep us alive, but the humanities are what we live for." Mary Rose helps to “make John Carroll a place where the Humanities are encountered, created, celebrated, and reflected upon. We are enormously proud and grateful for your contributions to this university.” 

Mary Rose expressed her gratitude to the scholarship committee: "I feel blessed to have grown up instilled with love of the humanities from my parents, both of whom are educators. Since a young age, I have been filled with a love of books, poetry, music, and the arts that I have been able to continue throughout my middle and high school years into college here at Carroll. I’m currently majoring in history and classical languages with a minor in Catholic Studies, and have enjoyed every minute. I have been blessed with numerous opportunities through these majors, from being able to travel abroad to Galway, work on an ancient excavation site in Greece, and research Irish immigrant archives with the Irish American Society of Cleveland. I have been lucky to learn from professors who share a similar passion for the humanities and helped show me the numerous possibilities available for someone in this field. These studies have likewise enriched my experiences outside the classroom through weekly service with CSSA, and through various Campus Ministry outreaches. Although unsure of my plans after Carroll, I look forward to bringing my love of the humanities with my passion for service and social justice into whatever field I find myself."

Congratulations to Elizabeth Marcelli and Anneliese Preske, who were given Honorable Mention. 

Anneliese Preske
Anneliese Ivy Preske '20 is a triple major in English Professional Writing, Italian Studies, and Political Science. She studied abroad in Italy in the fall of 2017. Anneliese is the Editor-in-Chief of The John Carroll Review as well as the incoming Chapter Correspondent for Her Campus-JCU. She works as an intern for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office and is looking forward to her summer research fellowship. Anneliese spends her free time volunteering, practicing Italian, and working on her perpetually unfinished novel.
Elizabeth Marcelli
Elizabeth Marcelli '20 is a junior studying English and Political Science with a minor in Data Science from Cincinnati, Ohio. The last three years at John Carroll have increased her passion for the humanities and social justice work both in and out of the classroom - from co-leading the Honduras medical immersion to working for the Center for Service and Social Action. Service. She is pursuing a summer internship with the Ohio Innocence Project and hopes to enter law school upon graduation.