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Doan Winkel, the John J. Kahl, Sr., Chair in Entrepreneurship & Director of the Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship at John Carroll University, was recently featured in a spotlight on Cleveland’s WKYC Channel 3 for the work he is doing with students who are making a positive impact on the Greater Cleveland community.

The video, titled “Teaching Students to Help Others,” highlights his recent “Fresh Innovator” award and covers the work that students in the Muldoon Center are doing to build a stronger, more connected community in Cleveland's Buckeye-Larchmere neighborhood. 

Investing in Youth is more of a generational kind of investment. Putting time, energy and resources specifically into youth has a chance to make some really long-term, positive change.

“In my work at John Carroll University, I lead the Entrepreneurship Program and I’m just working with students who want to do a lot of good things in the community, and use their time, talents, and energy to help solve some problems in the community and help others thrive,” Winkel told WKYC. “With the generosity of Verizon, who gave us a grant, we’re putting some of the student talent and some of Verizon’s resources to work to identify some problems that hold people in this Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood back from thriving, and building solutions that hopefully create some good, positive momentum for the residents and people who live and work in the neighborhood.”


Watch more of Doan’s interview with WKYC here.

Learn more about the Neighborhood Project and the Muldoon Center’s impact in the Buckeye-Larchmere community here.