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John Carroll University today announced Dawn Boettcher, EdD, RN-MSN, as the new Director of Nursing.

In this role, Dr. Boettcher will leverage her extensive experience to lead and innovate within John Carroll’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, fostering a new generation of well-rounded and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Dr. Boettcher has dedicated over two decades of her career to advancing healthcare and higher education. She began her journey in nursing in 1998, bringing compassion and expertise to her patients and colleagues. 

Dr. Boettcher previously served as the Dean of Health Programs for a community college district in Iowa, where she played a pivotal role in curriculum development, faculty mentorship, and program accreditation. A dedication to student success and the continuous improvement of educational standards has marked her leadership.

“Dr. Boettcher brings a wealth of experience crucial for the growth and innovation of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program,” said Dr. Melissa Cole, Dean of the College of Health. “Her proven leadership and dedication to excellence are exactly what we need to foster a new generation of well-rounded, compassionate healthcare professionals at John Carroll University. I am confident that under her guidance, our program will grow and continue to embody the high standards of care and service that define the nursing profession.”

Dr. Boettcher embodies servant leadership and the Jesuit mission, dedicating her personal and professional life to caring for the whole person. “I thrive on establishing trust and rapport within my team and creating an environment grounded in transparency, honesty, and integrity. I value mutual respect, flexibility, drive, and humility, which–I think–together fosters innovation, collaboration, and positive change,” Boettcher said.

Dr. Boettcher holds a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Walden University and a Doctor of Education (EdD) from Maryville University, underscoring her commitment to lifelong learning and academic excellence. She brings a personal love of music, singing, and art. 

Please join us in welcoming Dawn, her husband Toby, and two children, CJ and Gabbi, to the John Carroll University community.