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The Nonprofit Administration Program is excited to share that Miranda Barnewall, the 2022 Nonprofit Leader of Tomorrow Award recipient, was selected as the Grants Coordinator at Third Street Family Health Services. Miranda completed the program this June.

Barnewall said Third Street Family Health Services is “a federally qualified health center that provides comprehensive primary and preventative health care. Some of the services they provide include primary care, OB/GYN, and behavioral health.”

As the Grants Coordinator, Miranda said she will be “tracking the progress of grants, including their deadlines and expenditures, searching for grant funding opportunities and determining whether those opportunities would be worthy of pursuing, data entry and document management, and managing funder relationships.”

Miranda said that her primary goal is “to make an impact on others. This role allows me to do just that by seeking out more funding opportunities that will, in turn, help those Third Street serves.”

Barnewall discussed her journey on what led her to the NPA program. Miranda said that “starting in high school, film was my passion. Rather than making movies, I wanted to help ensure that the films I loved would be around for future generations. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at The Ohio State University, I pursued a certificate in Film Preservation at The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at the George Eastman Museum. Upon graduation, I worked at several institutions, including the Library of Congress’ Packard Campus and the George Eastman Museum, helping process and provide access to many film collections.”

In late 2019 Miranda decided that she wanted to change paths as she became interested “in leadership and how nonprofit organizations operate.” Once the pandemic hit, it became “the perfect time to return to school.”

Miranda said that she “loves the NPA program because of the people. I don’t know if I have ever met such an encouraging, genuine, and inspiring group of people. It shouldn’t surprise me because we are all in the program to further develop our nonprofit knowledge and skills.” Barnewall also said that she “chose John Carroll’s Nonprofit Administration Program because of its practical, applied approach. As Dani Robbins explained, ‘“You can learn something Tuesday night and apply it Wednesday morning.”’ It reminded me a lot of the hands-on approach of my film preservation program, and I knew that learning style best suited me.”

Barnewall credited the NPA program and how it prepared her for her new role. Miranda said, “Except for the last two weeks in the program, I did not work while taking my Nonprofit Administration courses. I did not have any professional experience to draw upon for many of the concepts we discussed in class. Yet, in my first week alone, I found myself thinking, ‘“Ah, that’s just like what we talked about in class!”’ In addition, many of the professional development pieces we discuss in the program have helped me figure out the best way to approach situations, which is not something I had before the program. I can’t tell you how much confidence I have gained on that alone!”

Barnewall said, “While I am now working in the healthcare subsector, I would like to stay involved with the film archiving field. “It is my hope that within the next few years, after having worked in the field and applying the knowledge I’ve learned from the program, I’ll have a clearer understanding of how my skills and abilities can serve those in need.”

Please join us in congratulating Miranda Barnewall on this exciting accomplishment! She truly is an “unapologetic social justice leader!”